Gaming credit cards

“Gaming” cards appeared in the arsenal of bankers not so far away. Their main purpose is to save money, or as in the case with bitcoin casino with credit card deposit, earn money. Also, such cc gives an increased cashback for operations related to games. It sounds simple and straightforward, but rather blurry, so let’s add some particular details.

What are gaming cards for?

Only 15 years ago, everyone played offline games, and in order to play with friends, it was necessary to connect all PCs to one network. Games were rarely updated, and DLCs were actually sold as separate games. The main feature of that time was the necessity for a one-time purchase for the game. The situation has changed with the new game’s type which is called free-to-play. As a rule, this is a free online game, but inside which you have to make purchases. This genre began to quickly gain popularity because any player can make a “test drive” absolutely free, plus, playing online is clearly more fun than with bots. On the other hand, the developers are also interested in creating such kind of product, since it’s impossible to create a pirated version, and the client makes constant and stable payments.

The amount of in-game payments through the year runs up quite big, so big that bankers are interested in it. As soon as they realized that the players are ready to spend a lot and often, they immediately offered credit cards for gamers. The advantages of them are the following:

  • Increased cashback for “gaming” categories – buying the games themselves, buying a subscription to gaming services, in-game purchases;
  • The ability to spend bonuses on other “game” expenses – buying loot or paying for a subscription;
  • The ability to issue a card with an individual design.

Otherwise, these are ordinary cards with standard conditions. It should be understood that the terms could be distinguishable in different banks, so you have to notify these questions before ordering any cc. The most popular credit cards are:

Credit cardsUseful forWelcome rewardsBonus
PlayStation Visa Credit CardPlayStation gamers5,000 Sony Rewards points after opening and using the card within 60 days of account open5 points per $1 on PlayStation Store purchases and Sony products from authorized retailers, 3 points per $1 on cellphone bills, and 1 point per $1 on everything else
Target RedCard™UniversallyNone5% discount at checkout on most purchases in-store and at
World of TanksFor WOT fansNoneGet up to 15% more Gold

In addition to ordinary gaming cc, there are crypto credit cards designed especially for bitcoin casinos. Unfortunately, they work only for crypto gambling sites, but if you are a gambler it will be useful for you.

How do bitcoin credit cards work?

There are unique conditions for each crypto credit card, but in most cases, users are getting the following options:

  • Ease of launch (all you need to get a Bitcoin credit card is to link it to your digital wallet and verify your identity);
  • Possibility to pay by card all over the world;
  • The ability to transfer money from one currency to another, including fiat.

As already mentioned, the main disadvantage is that the crypto has to be converted every time you purchase, and you’ll have to pay a fee for this, which makes such purchases unuseful. In other words, you have to find companies that accept bitcoins directly and for today there are not a lot of such companies.

Why is it useful and profitable to play at a bitcoin casino with a credit card deposit?

So, the main playground for Bitcoin cards is BTC casinos. It became possible because the best bitcoin casinos use the latest cryptographic cache functionality, and this technology allows you to make payments in a secure format. At the same time, almost all modern sites in 2022 guarantee the transparency of their functioning.

Thanks to the transparency of the systems, each player can see different in-game information, for example, the software working process. An additional advantage of the blockchain system is that access to the casino is open to all users. It doesn’t depend on the region and country of residence.


In conclusion, we can say that using in-game credit cards is beneficial, but only applicable to specific games. Therefore, before you issue any credit card, read the terms and conditions well and check if there is any benefit in using such a card for your favorite game. Also get in mind that it is better to take a mid-level card, preferably VISA Classic or MasterCard, which are linked to Bitcoin. And don’t worry about security – start playing now!