Gears Pop! Android and iOS is releasing on August 22

Gears Pop! Android and iOS is releasing

Gears Pop! game release date was originally set for September, but Microsoft switched gears and the game will release 10 days ahead of schedule for Android and iOS, on August 22 .  Microsoft has announced.

Gears POP! is a free-to-download real-time multiplayer mobile game featuring Gears of War characters in a Funko art style. You have to mix and match units and items to build a squad before going out to fight.

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Gears Pop! Video : Gears Pop Trailer

The crazy and cool trailer of Gears Pop! It features favorite characters from Gears of War fans, but we are promised that all characters are counted and available to collect, update and play at Funko Pop! extravagance of visual style. The game will bring an online PvP action for multiple players in real time, in a highly competitive environment.

Gears POP! – E3 2019 – Kitten Around with RAAM


● Strive for supremacy on iconic Gears battlefields in real-time PVP assaults.
● Over 30 Gears of War characters are ready for your orders, all brought to life from authentic Funko Pop! designs.
● Build your squad the way you want, mixing and matching COG & Locust units like never before.
● Turn the tide of battle with powerful ‘Ultimate’ abilities, including the devastating Emergence Hole that floods the battlefield with Wretches.
● Battle through the arenas and into big leagues to challenge the best players in the world and fight for even better rewards.
● Test your mettle against AI opponents to try out new squads and hone your strategies.

The iTunes App Store still seems to show the date of September 2, but Gears Pop! The game’s release date is officially confirmed by August 22, for both iOS and Android. Google Play store has updated content and you can register for the game on both platforms.

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