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Google says Stadia ‘will feel more receptive’ than local games

Google is preparing to launch its streaming service, Google Stadia, in the near future and is working hard on press tours to promote it. In a recent issue of Edge magazine, Google’s Madj Bakar (vice president of engineering) discussed Stadia’s diverse capabilities and how it will change over time to improve.

According to Bakar, Stadia is set to “feel more receptive” than to play on a local device in due course. Since Google is preparing Stadia to capture a pocket of the gaming market, it only makes sense to express the potential of this new hardware.

Google says Stadia 'will feel more receptive' than local games
Google Stadia

As Bakar says, “Ultimately, we believe that in a year or two we will have games that run faster and feel more responsive in the cloud than locally. Regardless of how powerful the local machine is.”

Google hopes to achieve this result using its own internal transmission technology. By promoting something called “negative latency,” Google believes its software and technology will help reduce any potential delays that users may experience. It remains to be seen whether or not it is a lot of hot air, but I suppose Internet technology will only continue to improve as time progresses.

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