Google Stadia

Google staff: at launch we will only connect on Wi-Fi not support 4G, 5G

In the course of an interview granted to the publishers of The Verge, the head of the Google hardware division, Rick Osterloh, confirmed the absence of support for the free 5G for the launch of the Google Staff, which is expected in mid-November . in 14 countries, including Italy.

In response to those who wonder if it will be possible to use their own mobile connection, 4G or 5G to take advantage of the services and the transmission of the game to Google Staff, the director of the Mountain View giant has explained that “initially, the Mobile access to Stadia can only be done through the Wi-Fi network. We decided to focus our efforts on how to offer the best mobile experience to the first users of the service. ”

This clarification, therefore, confirms the inability for users of the Founder and Premiere editions of Google Staff to switch from a Wi-Fi connection to a mobile device (and vice versa) to play streaming titles in the catalog through the Mobile devices in your possession, at least initially, to use this feature, you will need to keep your devices within the same network, the Internet, for bandwidth.

The launch of Google Staff and its controller is scheduled for November 19. At the opening of the service, those who want to exploit the potential of the new Google cloud platform and access them with a mobile system, must necessarily have a smartphone. Google Pixel 2, 2 XL, 3 or 4, with a recommended Wi-Fi connection at 10 Mbps or more.

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