GTA Online and Red Dead Online New Updates Announced on 25 July

GTA V Update Version 1.49

Rockstar previews major updates for Red Dead Online and GTA V Online. It all starts with a patch for RDO that lands on July 28th. Streaming content begins with a “massive” update for Red Dead Online that players will be able to download on July 28.

Rockstar says the patch adds a new border search, role, and illegal pass. It will also include a variety of features and bug fixes that fans have been asking for, according to the study. On an unspecified date later this summer, GTA Online players will also have something to look forward to. Its summer update.

GTA Online Update 1.34 / 1.50

GTA Online has not received an update for a long time, the last patch 1.49 (PS4 1.33) was released in December 2020. Rockstar has now announced that a major summer update is on the way, the upcoming GTA Online Update 1.34 / 1.50 will add new content. The content includes new locations and new raids.

RDR2 Online Patch 1.20

The last Red Dead Online Update was in March 2020. The RDR2 Update 1.19 only brought bug fixes and improvements. Rockstar is now announcing Red Dead Online Update 1.20, which should be released on July 28th.

The RDR2 Update 1.20 should be very extensive, there will be a new outlaw pass and new content will be added. So Tuesday is Red Dead Online Patch Day, so be prepared to download a few gigabytes!

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