GTA Online: Brings One of the Fastest Cars to the Casino

A new bonus week has started in GTA Online. That brings the Autarch to the podium in the casino. In addition, there are three times GTA dollars in certain activities.

What’s on the podium? If you visit the GTA Online now, the Överflöd Autarch will turn on the podium. It’s a hypercar and it’s one of the fastest runabouts online mode has to offer.

To get the car for free, you just have to visit the casino and try your luck. Spin the wheel of fortune and you have a chance to win the Autarch. You can try this out once a day. Play the best online casino Games

Background to the Autarch:

  • The car actually costs 1,955,000 GTA dollars in the Legendary Motorsports shop
  • It’s a two-seater
  • You can find it in the game at the dealer since December 2017
  • Its traction is not to be sniffed at

How fast is the car? The speed of cars in GTA Online can be divided into two categories. The pure top speed and the fastest lap times.

The Autarch cannot shine with his top speed alone, because that is the equivalent of 202 km / h (this is not the display in the game, but measured time and distance).

The bonus week in GTA Online from November 19th

3x GTA $ and RP: If you contest land races or superyacht missions in this new week of events, you will receive triple money and RP rewards.

2x GTA $ and RP: In the contact missions with Gerald, the Diamond Adventure Modes and in the “Running Back Remix” there are double rewards in this event week.

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The specials

A bonus week in GTA Online would be incomplete if it weren’t for some items on offer. This time you save on the purchase of a yacht and laser weapons.

  • 30% discount on yachts and their improvements

GTA Online More offers:

  • Thrax, $ 1,627,500
  • T20, $ 1,320,000
  • Sugoi, $ 550,800
  • Toyota Vios, $ 123,000
  • Tug, $ 675,000
  • Toro, $ 1,225,000
  • Kraken, $ 927,500
  • Dinghy, $ 87,500
  • Speeder, $ 227,500
  • Marquis, $ 289,793
  • Jetmax, $ 209,300
  • Squalo, $ 137,634
  • Suntrap, $ 17,612
  • Tropic, $ 15,400
  • Seashark, $ 11,829

In addition, players in GTA Online are watching new clues about the greatest updater of all time.

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