GTA: Online’ heist targets the Diamond Casino Upcoming

GTA V Update Version 1.49

Prepare to start the holiday season by entering the main vault of Diamond Casino and Duggan family routes at GTA Online.

In an official announcement released today, Rockstar Games mocked the new robbery as “the largest, most daring and sophisticated criminal operation” that struck Los Santos at GTA Online. Passing the security and then unlocking the Diamond Casino safe is not easy. Therefore, the stressful task rests with a group of four players who not only have to do the job efficiently, but also have to go out in one piece.

Rockstar Games claimed that, compared to previous robberies, Diamond Casino will give players more ways to prepare and explore in advance. There will be many focus paths to consider, various safety measures and many options in the game. While many expect to enter and leave unnoticed, the GTA Online developer cautioned that any configuration may cause a terrible mistake in the middle of the job. When that happens, players will have no choice but to disarm and finish work in the old way.

In addition, the next update will allow players to convert commercial ownership of the retro arcades into a new business. This will act as an interface where players can practice exercising and stealing as much as they want. There will also be a main control station, which will allow players to manage all their business from one place in GTA Online.

Diamond Casino is a new field added with the latest important content update for GTA Online. Here, players can bet, buy the luxury penthouse, accept new missions from a host of new characters and more. The new theft is only part of the entire package, which indicates that the developer may have more content coming to the complex.

The simultaneous launch of Diamond Casino Heist for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC is slated for December 12, 2019. Unfortunately, the new theft update will not add any new vehicles such as the Benefactor Schlagen GT Sports car or the Obey Omnis two-door rally car.

Due to the excessive casino theme, as well as heavy, meticulous transactions, Diamond Casino and Resort update has already been banned in more than fifty countries upon launch due to the existing gambling laws. Therefore, the affected players can still enter the casino but were unable to bet. When you do this, a message will be displayed in the game to inform them.