GTA Online, racers now earn a lot of money, but only for a short time

Grand Theft Auto Online is an online multiplayer action video game developed and published by Rockstar Games.

GTA Online has launched a new bonus week, which strikes especially in races. If you join in, you now earn a lot of money. But only in the next few days.

Today, on Thursday, November 7, changed in GTA 5 Online bonuses for the players. This means that there are now double or even triple rewards in new activities. For players, these changes are interesting, because you can fill in the various areas around Los Santos his account.

This week, especially the people who are looking forward to racing. In several game modes that revolve around races, you now earn much more money.

There is a lot of money in GTA Online now.

There’s a lot of money here: By November 13, 2019, you earn triple RP and GTA dollars on the following activities:

  • Hotring race
  • Issi Classic Series
  • RC Bandito race

In addition, you get the double RP and GTA dollars in the racing series.

So, try to take as many of the above-mentioned races as possible during this bonus week to fill your online account as well as possible. Consider that there will be another bonus next week. So you should hurry.

There are also big rewards on casino work missions, as they bring double GTA $, RP and chips.

The new podium car in Fta Online

If you spin the Wheel of Fortune for free now, then you have the chance to win the Neo. With luck, you get this sports car when you land in the right field.

These contents are on offer gta online

Now, if you want to turn your hard earned money into real estate or vehicles, you can save on the following offers:

  • OcelotLocust, 1,218,750 GTA $ – 25% off
  • Itali GTO, 1.179.000 GTA $ – 40% discount
  • Vapid Flash GT, 1,005,000 GTA $ – 40% off
  • GB200, 564,000 GTA $ – 40% off
  • Turismo Classic, 423,000 GTA $ – 40% off
  • Ruston, 258,000 GTA $ – 40% off
  • Drift Tampa, 507,000 GTA $ – 40% off
  • Vehicle armor – 40% discount
  • Bulletproof tires – 40% off
  • Garages for 2, 6 or 10 vehicles with 35% discount
  • Benny’s vehicle improvements with 40% discount
  • Suspension – 40% discount
  • Transmission – 40% discount
  • Engines – 40% discount

Bonuses for Twitch Prime: Those who have linked their Social Club account with Twitch Prime will also receive the Coil Cyclone for just 378,000 GTA $ and the Truffade Nero for 288,000 GTA $. In addition, all vehicle listings listed above for Twitch Prime customers are 10% cheaper.