How do game reviews help gamers?

We truly live in the age of reviews. In addition to there being millions of people blogging all over the world and sharing their opinions, there are many places where people can share their thoughts on games. You just have to go to the Xbox or PlayStation stores, or even look at Steam, and you will see that hundreds of people have left reviews on games you might have assumed were pretty obscure.

So, do game reviews help gamers or are they unnecessary?

Games can be expensive, and you might want to think about how much you’re going to enjoy them before you decide which to buy. Some games can even be pretty buggy, and you might feel like they are a waste to purchase or spend time trying to play.

Everything from League of Legends to Sweepslots Casino  has been reviewed in detail online. Whether you’re into iGaming, gambling on table and slot games or you just enjoy console gaming on your own or with friends, reviews can be extremely helpful.

Determining if a game is well made

If a lot of reviewers have said that a game is buggy, glitchy and generally poor quality, then there is every chance you’ll want to stay away. Some games have huge budgets and are absolute disasters when they are released. Do you remember when Cyberpunk was so buggy that some vendors actually pulled it from sale?

The launch of this game reportedly cost the developers and studios somewhere in the region of $1bn.

While it is subjective whether a game is fun to play or not, there are many examples of games that are just poorly made, making them worth avoiding. This is especially true if you are going to spend a lot of money on a game. 

Working out if a game is for you

One of the great things about reviews online is that you might get to know the reviewer in some way and get a feel for the games that they like. This means that you can even make a judgement based on their taste if a game is likely to be something you are into. For instance, if you love strategy and simulation games, and you follow a reviewer who shares this passion, you may trust their opinions on the latest park builder game more than someone who plays shooter games.

On top of this, by diving into the reviews, you can also check out the themes of the game and decide whether it is the sort of thing you’re going to be interested in. Many reviewers are good at avoiding spoilers too, so if it is a game with a storyline, you don’t have to worry about the review giving the game away.


Checking the price

How much did the reviewer pay, and is this a fair price?

It isn’t always relevant. Options such as GamePass might mean you’re not actually paying for the game itself, other than the monthly fee you pay for membership. However, if you are buying a title, this is a good way to figure out if it is regularly on sale or if you can find a cheap deal to play the game. 

Improving your playing experience

This isn’t just about improving your skills on League of Legends and other games. Yes, there are often some great tips within game reviews regarding the controls of the game or other features, but it is also a great way to see if you are going to get the full playing experience out of a game.

For instance, there may be side quests and missions that you miss if you don’t check out the reviews. This can be really disappointing and may mean you don’t get the full experience of the game. You’ll often get top tips on how to get the most out of the game just by reading game reviews.


Helping great games get noticed

Many games that you may not have ever noticed before have become much more visible in the light of great reviews. Reviewers can become influencers, and they might unearth a gem of a game that then goes viral or becomes more widely played as a result. This is a very cool aspect of the industry currently, as the best games tend to get noticed.


It’s a golden age to be a gamer, and you can share your opinions, read other opinions and generally understand more about the industry thanks to the abundance of great reviews out there on blogs, YouTube and other platforms.