How Much Gambling Is There in Video Games?

Gambling and video games go hand in hand in modern times. Both of these means of entertainment certainly have great similarities and that is why they are getting closer. We can assume that the online gambling platform has an impact on the gaming world when it comes to offering bonuses and a depiction of gambling in some popular games show the overlap of these two platforms. Most of us thought of GTA when there is talk about gambling in video games since it has widely shown other games of chances in its platform. But even before the rise of online casinos in the mid-90s, a tiny part of gambling was anchored in some games.

Gambling in Video Games Even Before the Rise of Online Casinos

An unofficial implementation of the game Monopoly for computers, which was equipped with a casino field, could already be found in the 80s or early 90s. And back then, the field messed up the game’s balance to the detriment of the players. It was possible to wager your play money in blackjack players usually lost here because there was no trace of fair play or even payout quotas as they are required in online casinos these days. But the bottom line was that the fun didn’t cost anything. So, you can overlook it from today’s perspective.

Gambling in Modern Video Games

In modern games, gambling has always been a controversial topic since the gaming commissions of several countries find it illegal. Loot boxes were banned in Belgium in 2018 and even there are chances that the US and UK would follow Belgium’s footsteps. Along with loot boxes, skin gambling is also on the radar of lawmakers. But this kind of gambling in video games is not so similar to the real gambling at the online casinos. There is a vast difference. If you have been to the real money online casinos, you might have observed the distinctive gameplay. But some video games have anchored online casinos and gambling levels exclusively for the gameplay without harming players’ interest by incorporating illegal tricks.

Gambling Depiction in Video Games


As we mentioned earlier, gambling has long been associated with GTA. In 2019, Rockstar even introduced gambling to GTA V online. Here, users can play games like poker, blackjack, roulette, and some other games of chances. New players can learn how to play poker from the internet and even apply the strategies when they play in GTA poker or real money online poker games at online casinos. Apart from casino games, Lucky Wheel is a form of gambling that players can enjoy at this video game.

Pokémon: Battle Revolution

It depends on the generation of the games, games of chance come in the form of roulette and slots. This is also the case in our example, because in Pokémon: Battle Revolution at the casino level Neon Colosseum, the teams of the two duelists are drawn using roulette. In other parts of the series, it is possible to get hold of money with the help of slot machines in order to buy expensive items.

Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas is much closer to reality. Here players can gamble away their hard-earned bottle caps in various casinos in the wasteland. For example, with a game of caravan or maybe with a little roulette at the table. The only disadvantage is that all weapons are taken from the players as soon as they enter a casino. So that means a player should behave better, otherwise, he/she won’t have much opportunity to defend themselves from the guards.

Super Mario Sunshine

The game set on the island of Isla Delfino also portrays the casino. Unlike other games mentioned here, players are not allowed to anything in the casino. Players can’t play slots or earn currency. Nonetheless, in this casino, the boss fight against King Boo takes place.

Persona 5

This game starts at a casino level. If you are new to this game then stop here and just know that Persona 5 encompasses casino levels since there is a spoiler ahead. The game tells in the later parts that casino is just a twisted version of the views and feelings of Sae Niijima (former major antagonist and now supporting protagonist). All of the puzzles in the area are modeled on various games of chance that you have to play in order to eventually face Sae Niijima.

Bottom Line

Thus, gambling has a long association with video games and it is expanding as many developers are using gambling to lure players and make money out of it. In the future, we may see more regulations on the portrayal of gambling in video games updates. But if you are a fan of real casino games then we would recommend you using real money online casinos since they render a better gameplay experience than playing in video games.

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