How prolific is the gaming sector for careers?

Gaming is a global, multibillion-pound a year industry that attracts people of all ages. Whether it be playing the latest FIFA game, joining your friends in a battle royale in Fortnite or simply playing slot games for real money, the popularity of online gaming has never been higher.

 People love gaming that much that they are more than willing to fork out a lot of money for their favourite games and the latest releases. Thanks to these dedicated customers, alongside the growth of newer delivery formats like downloadable content and digital games, the sector is booming. Consequently, the demand is high for talented programmers, designers, managers, and other professionals who specialise in this field. 

There are dozens of career paths in the game industry, with some more popular and sought-after than others. This doesn’t diminish the importance of the other roles in the industry; it is just specific jobs seem to attract more attention than others. The good news is, most jobs in the industry are paid well, with the average salary around £45,000 on the low end or up to $100,000 for the higher-skilled jobs.

Gaming Jobs Available

There is a wide range of different jobs that are in demand in the gaming sector. There has been substantial year-on-year growth in demand for game developers/programmers. This has increased consistently over the last few years. 

Other jobs in the sector that have seen high year-on-year growth are artists (58.9 per cent), ser experienced designers/developers (53.6 per cent), and audio/visual designers (74.5 per cent). 

Some of the jobs you can expect to find in the gaming sector include:

  • Software Developer and Game Programmer
  • Games Designer
  • Games Animator
  • Audio Engineer
  • Interpreters and Translators
  • Game Play Tester
  • Games Artist 
  • Professional Gamer

One job that may stand out from the above list is a professional gamer. Nowadays, you can actually make a living out of playing video games. This is a massive market with tournaments based around the FIFA football game and Call of Duty offering considerable prize money for the winner. You will need to be incredibly talented and devoted to practice, but that applies to anything you want to excel at. The salary for a professional gamer will vary depending on how good you are. So if you want the big bucks, you better get practicing! 

Skills Required for a Career in Gaming

If you are serious about beginning a career in gaming, you must first earn a recognised qualification. Various skill sets are in demand in the gaming industry. Regarding the technology aspect, getting qualified in a programming language such as Python, C++, and SQL is crucial. 

Historically, IT has dominated the landscape in terms of hiring in the gaming sector. Indeed, IT has previously accounted for 75% of all roles advertised. However, this is now changing. More general skillsets such as managing databases, analytical skills, digital marketing expertise, being adept in customer relations and marketing, and e-commerce are also in demand.

If you have the commitment, drive, and skills to immerse yourself in the world of video games, there are endless possibilities for you in this sector.