How the Advent of Advanced Smartphones and High-Speed Internet Has Shaped the Future of Poker

If you were to be candid, you’d agree that the game of poker has stepped up in recent times, and we have the fast-paced technology to thank for that. Initially, the first couple of changes to the game happened when it came online in the late 90s. A couple of decades later, technology has fully blown and thus brought massive changes to the poker world.

In recent times, advanced smartphones and high-speed internet connection are the two products of technology that have played vital roles in shaping the future of poker. They brought about great accessibility to the game. Now, you can sit in the comfort of your home, office, and even while on the go and discover the platforms that offer the ultimate mobile poker experience.

This isn’t something you could do many years back, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s further examine how the advent of smartphones and high-speed internet has shaped the future of poker below.

Poker and Smartphones

Smartphones are one of the clear evidence of the impacts of technology. What started many decades ago as a means for placing and receiving calls has evolved into something you can use to do numerous things, from banking transactions to shopping to playing your favorite game of poker. It has even become an indispensable item to many. According to verified stats, almost every American adult owns at least one smartphone, and we’re not even talking about the number of teenagers owning them worldwide.

To a poker player, a smartphone is a key to unlocking many gates in the poker world. Rather than use a computer, you can use a smartphone to access and play in poker rooms. Using the same smartphone, you can still access online training videos, tutorials, and play live dealer games. People still use smartphones to stream live poker events and tournaments like the WSOP. There’s probably nothing you cannot do with smartphones as far as poker is concerned.

The High-Speed Internet Effect

The internet is another driving force that has shaped the future of online poker. Many, if not all of the things you can do with a smartphone are only made possible with a high-speed internet connection. That’s to say, the capabilities of a smartphone are limited without an active internet connection.

Thanks to the internet, you can skip the time you’d waste getting dressed and driving to a casino to sit on a waiting list. You can practically roll out of bed and start scooping pots in a poker room with an active internet connection. And it doesn’t end there. Compared to physical poker rooms, the games in online poker rooms are generally faster. Again, a fast internet connection has an essential role to play. This new speed also brought about the ability to play on multi-table in poker.

The number of hands one could play online within a specific timeframe, say an hour, is much more than that of the live arena. Once people knew this tiny factor, it changed the whole poker landscape. For instance, if you’re daring and willing, you could now play more hands in a year than many live professionals would have done in their careers. And with the whole poker learning process much more straightforward and accelerated, one can quickly learn, copy, and mirror the moves of past successful poker players. So, it’s safe to say that as far as poker is concerned, nothing is quite impossible.


Modern technological advancements have changed how people see and play poker, with the duo – smartphones and high-speed internet connection being at the forefront. These two innovations have laid the essential foundations for the future of poker. And it’s effortless to say that this future is very bright.