Clash Royale Night Witch

How to Get Night Witch Epic Card in Clash Royale

The new epic Clash Royale card, the Night Witch card, is now available… We explain how to do it by overcoming the challenge and what rewards you can get in the meantime.

The Clash Royale Night Witch Challenge has already started. Bonus: a new epic card. Supercell is slowly introducing new franchise features, including millions of players worldwide, with millions of cash prizes.

Obtaining the night witch is not easy, as the challenge must be overcome. Along the way, you can earn various rewards in the form of coins, safes, and other cards, but the goal is to get the latest epic Clash Royale card.

Below, we’ll explain what a Night Mage Challenge is and how you can get it to overcome different battles. You have until Sunday to pass the test.

What do you need to participate in the Clash Royale Tournament

First, not everyone is eligible to win the new card. You must have reached level 8 in order to enter the championship. If you are in one of the first frames, you will have to level up or wait.

Another requirement is played when you are defeated three times. The first registration is free, but the second has 100 gems. Prepare the wallet or follow our tips to get free gemstones.

How many victories do you need to get the Clash Royale Night Witch

Like practically everyone Clash Royale tournaments, it is necessary to obtain a series of victories to be able to get the final prize. In this case, there are 12 fights that you must win to take the epic card to your deck.

Along the way, you get small prizes for accumulating good results. They are as follows:

Is the new Clash Royale epic card strong?

We managed to fight in the Night Witch Challenge and try this new epic card. We managed to watch some video clips for over a week ago, so the strengths and weaknesses of this new unit are well known.

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