How to get the Cerberus mount in Final Fantasy XIV – Full Guide

Final Fantasy XIV has a new raid this patch, and of course, there’s a high tier hunting item. With the introduction of the patch, the Cerberus mount was added to Final Fantasy XIV. As part of version 5.45 of the game, some new rewards are to be earned. 

One of the many quests you can complete is claiming the malevolent Cerberus mount. This is the new Savage mount, which means raid groups will be full-on trying to complete the new raid. Delubrum Reginae is the raid added with this patch, and you have to make an effort to unlock it.

To get the mount, you must complete the raid at level 80, which means you will have to make an effort to collect 700,000 mettle and a resistance rank of 15. This is not easy, as resistance rank can be increased by collecting Mettle. Mettle is rewarded for completing Skirmishes and Critical Battles on the map. This means you have to complete Bozjan field events, which will give you loads of rewards. At the very least, grinding will give you field notes and other turn-ins as rewards.

Here are the Mettle thresholds you need to grind through:

  • Rang 1: 0 Mettle
  • Rank 2: 300 entertainment
  • Rang 3: 1.100 Mettle
  • Rang 4: 2,200 Mettle
  • Rang 5: 3.800 Mettle
  • Rank 6: 9,400 entertainment
  • Rang 7: 18.000 Mettle
  • Rank 8: 32,000 entertainment
  • Rank 9: 51,300 entertainment
  • Rang 10: 78.000 Mettle
  • Rang 11: 106.000 Mettle
  • Rank 12: 157,400 entertainment
  • Rang 13: 252.000 Mettle
  • Rang 14: 416.000 Mettle
  • Rang 15: 703.200 Mettle

The repeatable quest The Relic of a Man from Annes in Gangos grants 12,000 mettle each week if you complete Delubrum Reginae on any difficulty. This is good training to learn the basics of raiding.

How to get the Cerberus mount in Final Fantasy XIV

This raid requires a full team of 48 players, so it’s intended for the best raid groups. You can only participate if you have a full raid, so try to join a good raid group if you want to farm a Savage mount, not just the Cerberus mount in Final Fantasy XIV.

This raid is too complex to cover in this guide, but you can prepare yourself by watching runs showing its attacks and phases. A very good run-through of the raid can be seen in the video below. However you choose to approach the raid, you must complete it to obtain the mount. Once you’ve completed the Savage raid, you’ll be able to claim your reward.

To obtain your Cerberus mount, you must find Jonathas in Old Gridania (map coordinates X:10, Y:6). You will also receive the Savage – Queen of Swords I achievement.