How to High FPS and Max Graphics in PUBG Mobile Android

Do you have the low-end device but want to play PUBG or any other game with higher graphics?

Having trouble playing PUBG mobile on your Android smartphone because of dropped FPS? This guide will help you to improve performance and FPS using GFX Tool.

If your device is not high-end, you will certainly face failures, which can damage the user experience. Use this guide to improve PUBG FPS with the GFX tool.

How to increase FPS in PUBG Mobile ?

STEP 1 :

Download the GFX Tool app 

Purpose of these apps is to optimise PUBG mobile performance & graphicsPUBG GFX Tool: Change Low To High graphics.

GFX Tool: Best Graphic Tool for “Winner, winner, chicken dinner.”

IF you want Download From Google Play Store Then search app name “GFX Tool“ in Google Play store.

Step 2 :

Launch the App and grant all the required permission (allow everything).

How to High FPS and Max Graphics in PUBG Mobile Android
How to High FPS and Max Graphics in PUBG Mobile Android

Step 3 :

Configure the settings for FPS
Select version 0.8.0 (GP).

Step 4

Set the resolution a bit lower than your default resolution.

Step 5 :

Option Select Graphics

Last Step:

Hit the Accept button below

Run the PUBG Mobile Game and go to Setting>Graphics you can see HDRUltra and Extreme Frame-rate option are unlock.

GFX Tool has done this great job, all credit to the developer behind it. You can now enjoy HIGH FPS PUBG gameplay without any lag on any low ended Android smartphone.

Enjoy your high graphics game and if you face any issues please let me know in the comment section, Also, do not forget to share this post on social media to thank us!


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