How to Rebuild your RS3 Account

There are many different reasons for wanting to rebuild your RuneScape account. Among the most common are getting hacked, scammed, or just returning to the game after many years. Runescape is the oldest and largest MMORPG in the world. So many people are coming back to their old accounts today. 

The other main reason people have to rebuild, due that hackers and scammers are also prolific in the community. Many scammers still run rampant in RuneScape, and their scams are very enticing for inexperienced new players. Many players have experienced losing all their valuable items and all the money in their bank to these scams. 

Therefore, it is beneficial to research the most common scams you will encounter and how to avoid them if you have not fallen victim to them yet. In these cases, it is very frustrating to go through the whole process again to rebuild your account. But that is why we are here! To make this easier for you. 

Get a Membership

When Rebuilding your account, you will likely have no membership. There are a few ways you can get one. Firstly, you could buy a membership with real-life money through Jagex, or if you have cash in the game, you could buy a bond. There are many types of free-to-play money makers in which you could invest some time to get enough money to buy a bond. Many helpful guides and tutorials for money-making are available on the internet for free. You could also buy RS3 Gold from ChicksGold to boost your progress.

Getting the Initial Funds

This is generally the most tiresome phase of rebuilding your account. After you have been set up again with a membership, it’s time to make some bank. There are many ways to do this, but the recommended method, for now, is to do some AFK skills such as fishing or archaeology that you don’t have to think about too intensely, and that can make you some cash.

You could also do some other money-making method that only requires a little start-up GP, such as gathering mushrooms. It is important to remember to also do your daily runs throughout this whole period in which you are rebuilding. They are an excellent, low-effort source of income. This is a good starting point if you get your bank up to at least 5 million.

The Bank Boost

Now, the bank boost is the most exciting part of rebuilding your account. This is where you now have a little bit of money, so you can start stockpiling drops and get that steep increase in cash from the early game. You can implement a few different methods, one of which involves getting a significant drop. Although the cash could be more consistent, you can, and often do, get very lucky. While grinding, you could easily double or triple the amount of money you have, which is extremely exhilarating. For example, you could go to revenants and attempt to get a big drop like Statius’s Hammer.

You could also do Clue Scrolls which only takes a little money to do. Various monsters can randomly drop clue scrolls found when pickpocketing certain NPCs, looting from a treasure chest decoration or purchasing from the Thaler. The Clue Scrolls will send you on treasure trails that lead to buried treasure that may have a lot of Gold. This is really fun and beneficial as you still get to make money along the way. 

Throughout all of this, it is very important to remember to stay consistent. Consistency is key. Many methods require a lot of patience and consistency. These tend to be safer as well. This could include something like camping, a skill for a while. Or just remember to complete your dailies every day. Getting up to 150 million in the bank would be adequate for this phase of your rebuild. 

The Core Game

This is the main part of the game where you have a good amount of Gold, decent armor, and some great items. Once you reach this part, it is all about the stretch to get to where you were. Your goal could vary depending on your account and what you have lost. Most people would probably have had a bank with about 500 million to a Billion Gold Pieces, so they would want to aim for that. Whatever your goal is, this is where you achieve it.

This part could be great fun, too, as you can start grinding out all the bosses you love fighting and doing things like dungeons to get your money up. Generally, at this phase, if you are doing beneficial things that you enjoy and not focusing too much on money, it will all come naturally. 


Congratulations! You have made it to your goal, and your rebuild is complete! Although many parts of a rebuild can be tedious, the journey and thrill of getting to your goal are one of the most exciting things to experience in RuneScape. The rebuild is similar to when you are just starting the game with all the new exciting things to do and explore. You have the benefit of being more familiar with the game now.

But Do not worry; this is not the end. Now that you have completed your rebuild, there are many more challenges and items to get out there. RuneScape is large and versatile; there is always something to do! For many people, this is the most exciting part of the game.

You can now finally do all the things that you were working towards before but didn’t do because your account got hacked or because you stopped. At this stage in the game, you have enough money to do what you want and to really get competitive; good luck!