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How to Use the Best Game Cheats for First-Person Shooters

Did you get into gaming during the pandemic? With the indefinite lockdowns everywhere, people saw the appeal of gaming. Whether it was PC games, consoles, or mobile, many immersed themselves in gaming.

While there’s a myriad of games to choose from, competitive ones became an easy favorite. This is especially true for FPS or first-person shooter games. Although an unspoken reality of FPS games is that it’s challenging.

This is where game cheats come in. The surge of novices entering the FPS gaming has had a hard time catching up. Instead of gaming being a fun experience it turns into a stressful and time-consuming one.

Not everyone has the time to improve their FPS shooting skills. So why not get that ranking and high scores through game cheats? Read on to discover how you can step up your rank through game cheats.

The Art of Game Hacks

We’ve all been there — being so close to winning, but then you get shut down. This is frustrating for any player, even more so if you’re a novice. It’s one thing to lose against a great player, it’s another when someone uses game cheats.

This is why those who can’t beat them, end up joining them. However, how do you beat those you’ve joined? By getting the better (best!) game cheats of course.

While many first-person shooters have cheats available, not all protect you from the threat of a permanent ban. Video games like Call of Duty have harsh penalties for those caught using gaming cheats. Oftentimes game hackers are unable to play despite changing gaming platforms.

There have also been times when those in the same household using the same IP become banned completely. This is where premium options like IWantCheats Spoofer come in. Not only are they able to give you the advantage you need, but they also ensure that you’re covered.

Your cheats remain undetected, what’s more, is that they have the perfect loophole. They ensure that your personal details are not available. It’s like a VPN for your cheats.

As a newcomer to the game hacks scene, these are some basic cheats that you need to master. Doing so will ensure that you’ll be able to climb the leaderboards and get those kills with ease. Here’s a list of game cheats every aspiring game hacker should know.


When most FPS players think of cheats, the first thing that comes to mind is aim hacks. FPS games require hours of practice to develop a high-quality aim. The good thing is there’s a wide range of hacks to help you skip this grind and go straight to the top.

The classic aimbot is the first cheat you should consider. Many games have some form of aim-assist, especially consoles. What aimbot does is crank this concept up.

Aimbot aims for you, so all you have to do is press the trigger. You can adjust the aggressiveness by changing your FOV. FOV (Field of View) is the range on your screen where aimbot activates.

If your FOV is set to the max, you’ll be able to do a 360 headshot with ease. However, you might risk exposing yourself. High FOV aimbots that don’t care about concealment are “SpinBots”, and you can have plenty of fun with these.

For players seeking to maintain the illusion of legitimacy, it’s best to set your FOV to a lower. More types of aimhacks include Triggerbot and No Recoil/Spray. With Triggerbot you have to manually aim over the target.

Once the cheat detects your crosshair is on your opponent it will fire with pinpoint accuracy. Triggerbot is a great way to get flashy flick shots but is often noticeable.

No Recoil/Spray is as the name suggests. It removes any inaccuracy or bullet spread. Most will also remove accuracy penalties associated with moving or taking damage.

Aimhack Masking Features

Aimbots often come as part of an aim hack suite with plenty of additional options available to help hide it. These range from Silent Aim, to Soft Aim, and even a kill switch. Knowing what they do and customizing your aimbot settings is crucial for the best experience without getting caught.

Silent aim masks the aggressiveness of your aimbot’s visual effect on your screen. It makes it look like your crosshair didn’t actually move when in reality you might have done a 360. While this feature doesn’t affect the cheat’s performance, it allows you to get away with using it — especially if you live-stream your screen.

The soft aim is another feature that minimizes the visual impact of your aimbot. It uses a very low FOV to make micro-adjustments to your aim to ensure you get the kill. It’s perfect for those who already have decent aim but always find themselves missing by a hair.

One of the most important features most aimbots come with is a killswitch. This allows you to remove your aimbot from the game when you either don’t need it or are about to get caught. A proper killswitch will remove all traces of the cheat, making it possible to even cheat on LAN without getting caught.

Wallhacks and ESP

One of the most popular game cheats is wall hacking. Who doesn’t want to feel powerful? There’s something about being one step ahead of your opponents.

It takes a lot of skill to be able to predict other players’ movements. Most of the time you’d also need to do some guesswork and estimation. By using wallhacks you get to see people through walls.

It doesn’t matter if they’re hiding by the wall next to you or the next building. This game cheat gives you 100% knowledge of your opponent’s location. It also gives you information about where your teammates are.

It’s also helpful if your teammates are uncommunicative. Take the whole other squad by yourself and get those kills and ranking. Another type of wallhack is ESP or extrasensory perception.

Players dubbed it as wallhack 2.0. Not only does it help you see through walls, but you’re also able to detect those around you. It doesn’t matter if they aren’t even on your radar.

It also gives you other information like health, armor, weapons, speed, and direction. Imagine being able to know your opponents’ inventory like it’s yours. ESP tends to be more discreet than wallhack while providing more information.

This makes it more preferable to those looking to cut corners without being too obvious. Additionally, ESP alerts are often audiovisual.

Information gets displayed on your screen, and you’re also given sound cues. This makes it beginner-friendly if you’re new to the game cheats community.

Mobility or Movement Hacks

Another more popular hack for FPS games would be mobility or movement game cheats. They’re great for sneaking up on your opponent. Use these if you want to move faster, move quieter, or even hide your movements completely.

Breaking the category down will give you speed hacks, fly hacks, silent footsteps, lag switching, and anti-aim. The first two affect your movements. The latter three affect your opponent’s perception.

As the name suggests, speed hacks make you move and run faster or jump higher. Fly hacks let you fly through the air and space. Depending on the game, you might also be able to go through walls and obstacles.

In the gaming world, this is better known as “ghosting.” The silent footsteps cheat lets you move around without detection. Opponents won’t see you on their radar even if you’re within range.

Finally, within this category is a sub-genre of mobility hacks. They are also known as artificial lag and anti-aim. Artificial lag makes it seem like you’re lagging.

This causes other FPS players to miss your true location. Anti-aim “breaks” the game’s programming. This creates a mismatch between what you’re doing, and what your opponent sees.

A good example of this is changing your movements. If you’re standing, this game cheat makes it seem like you’re crouching.

It can also do a complete flip of the hitbox. This means that when other players aim at your head, they’re aiming at your feet.

Prioritize Premium Game Cheats

The last thing you want is to get your account to the highest level possible and get banned. This is why it’s important not to cheap out on your game cheats. We’ve seen it one too many times – it hurts to lose your premium gear and progress.

Avoid these altogether by ensuring that all your cheats are undetectable. Many first-person shooter games update their anti-cheat systems on the regular. Chances are if you aren’t using a prime service, you’re on your way to the perma-ban zone.

Leave the Competition in the Dust

FPS gaming is a great way to have fun and relieve stress. Unfortunately, many of our favorite games require insane time commitments to get good. Game cheats are the best way to have fun topping the scoreboard without sacrificing IRL time.

With the right software and knowledge to hide your hacking, you’ll be on your way to the leaderboards in no time. If you find yourself needing to know more on the topic, there’s no end of information available on the rest of this site.