Hunt Showdown Patch Notes Update

Hunt: Showdown Update 1.20 – Patch Notes

A new update for Hunt Showdown was released. We have all the information about this update 1.20 on March 24th. Hunt Showdown Update 1.20 March 24 Caws Out for “As The Crow Flies” Event. This update bug fixes and optimizations made. Below are all the details about the Playstation and Xbox Patch.

Hunt Showdown Patch Notes 1.20 /

General Updates: We’ve updated the post with the official patch notes.

Full Metal Jacket:

  • FMJ rounds no longer have a base damage reduction over regular ammo. They will still have a slower muzzle velocity.
  • FMJ rounds will now retain more of its damage after the first few wall penetrations.#
  • All FMJ rounds will now penetrate through up to two layers of thin metal sheets.


  • Spitzer ammo will retain slightly more damage after the first few wall penetrations. It will still have less base damage than regular ammo.
  • All spitzer rounds will now penetrate through up to two layers of thin metal sheets.

Developer note:

We wanted to make sure that ammo types that have a strong focus on wall penetration to actually make a significant impact in these scenarios, but we felt that FMJ was not performing as well as expected, therefore, we have made some minor changes to the amount of damage that is lost when penetrating multiple surfaces.


  • Updated some ammunition stats in the store page.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Spider and Assassin to become stuck or die in unreachable positions.


  • Fixed an issue where the charge animation for the Winfield Centennial would play faster than intended. The animation will now be in line with the rate of fire.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some weapon stats showing the incorrect values.


  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the incorrect amount of XP being granted for kills. The XP will now be calculated correctly.


  • Fixed a server performance issue that could occur from igniting several oil pools simultaneously.


  • Fixed a potential crash that could occur due to crossbow bolts being stuck in barricaded doors.
  • Fixed several minor localization issues.


  • Fixed an issue where extra info on the death screen could overlap with other UI elements.
  • Fixed an issue that result in the ELO arrows being hidden incorrectly.

Console Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused the incorrect “reshuffle” shortcut to appear in the soul survivor and legendary recruit screens.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in the crossplay leaderboards displaying players from other platforms even when crossplay was disabled.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the error NP-41940-8 to appear when starting Hunt on Playstation
  • Fixed the placeholder tesxture that appeared on special ammo boxes in the tutorial while streaming the rest of the Hunt install.
  • Increased the threshold at which the packet loss message will be displayed.

Known Issues

  • Some FMJ stats are not correctly shown in the store/weapons page.

While Crytek has not released the official changelog just yet, here are the confirmed new stuff coming in As the Crow Flies, as well as their corresponding event points.

  • Bomb Lance – Shrike (Act 2 Unlock – 1200 Event Points)
  • Chain Pistol – Dark Miasma (Event Login Bonus)
  • Concertina – Scavenger’s Snare (Act 2 Unlock – 200 Event Points)
  • First Aid Kit – The Marrow (Act 2 Unlock – 400 Event Points)
  • Exclusive Gear – (Act 2)
  • Sticky Bomb – Sweet Briar (Act 2 Unlock – 800 Event Points)
  • Reliquaries – Iron, Silver, Ivory
  • Legendary Hunter – Plague Doctor (Act 2 Unlock – 2000 Event Points)