Hyperforma is launching on the Switch on 5th September

Hyperforma, the latest HeroCraft’s project, is coming to Nintendo Switch. Hyperforma is a captivating story about a lonely explorer who makes his trip to the relieved cyberspace “Ancient Network”, an artifact of a civilization mysteriously disappeared from the past, hoping to reveal the secrets of his teachers.

Hyperforma is launching on the Switch on 5th September
Hyperforma is launching on the Switch on 5th September

Hyperforma, you play as a lone explorer in a vanished society. You merge with an artifact left behind, an ancient network called the Cyberspace. As you journey through the Cyberspace, you start to uncover the secrets of the long-lost civilazation.

Release date is set September 5th and the game is now available for pre-order with a 10% discount until launch day via the Nintendo eShop.

Hyperforma – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Hyperforma is launching on the Switch on September 5th

Hyperforma already released for iOS and has an award-winning status as a brick / puzzle breaker.

The game-play of the game was as praised as its immersive environment and its history, in which players discover the secrets of a disappeared society by exploring and pirating its cyberspace. Along the way, players encounter guardians called Ancient Masters, who consider the player as an enemy intruder.

Hyperforma Key Features :

Explore the ancient network, an artifact of a missing civilization.

Titanic former bosses to defeat: in the old network, you are the enemy. To get the answers you are looking for, you must make your way through complex systems, including ancient beings that do not want you to continue.

Become a master: there are more than 75 plus puzzles you can solve.

The skills available throughout the campaign take the brick-breaking game to completely new levels with mechanics and features that are not yet associated with the classic brick-breaking game.

History-guided campaign: discover the mysteries surrounding a lost civilization.

A wonderful cyberpunk soundtrack.

Story-driven campaign

Hyperforma Switch is coming on September 5th and this award-winning puzzler/brick breaker is currently discounted on both Nintendo UK and Nintendo US. HeroCraft is a famous Russian developer which is to be trusted when it comes to giving us cool games. Also, Nord Unit has proven their metal on iOS platforms, and now their title is breaking onto consoles.

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