iOS 13 Officially Release Date [Update]

The wait is over and the official release date of iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch is scheduled for a few days from now.

Update: According to the Apple website, iPadOS 13 will not be available on September 19. You can expect it to arrive on September 30. Essentially, iOS 13.1 brings iPadOS 13 to the table.

iOS 13 / iPadOS 13 Release Date Officially Revealed [Update]

iOS 13 & iPadOS 13 have been in beta since it was announced in June this year. It has been a great roller coaster ride that is finally coming to an end when Apple announced the official release date of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 which is scheduled for September 19.

If you are not a developer and are waiting in line to try the new update, it is a good idea to put a large red circle on September 19 on your calendar. However, if you are a registered developer with Apple, you can take advantage of the potential final version to take a turn today in the iOS 13 GM or iPadOS 13 GM (Gold Master) update.

Those who do not know, iOS 13.1 contains some of the features that Apple removed in iOS 13 beta 8. This includes some automatons in the Shortcuts app and more, AirPods audio sharing, and more. Basically, it is not a great update, but it is worth having, as it is obvious that this will improve performance and whatnot for iPhone and iPad users.

In case you missed the memo, iOS 13 is packed with new features. Even on older devices, Apple says the new software is faster than iOS 12, which is strange given how fast the latter is. In addition, Apple has heard the screams of users and is finally bringing the true dark mode to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touch. Even application update sizes have been reduced, which means that if you have a phone or tablet that has 32 GB of storage or less, it should be helpful.

Those who love to take pictures will be pleased to know that there is a completely new experience of Photos in iOS 13. Instead of a grid of worldly-looking photos, now everything happens on full screen, ensuring that you are really immersed in what you are broken. Even the photo editor has been renewed, making everything look good and focused. And, oh, the editing tools now also work on video.

For those who live in a compatible area, Apple Maps is receiving a major renovation. Maps are much better with 360-degree views like Google Street View, streets and much more detailed businesses, and more.