Less Well-Known Casino Games

The most popular casino games are hard to miss, but what about less well-known casino games? Just because they’re less known doesn’t mean that they don’t have any players. Usually, these are some games specific to a country. So, if you’re looking to get familiar with them, here are some examples:

Gin Rummy

This is a game that not a lot of casino sites offer. However, there are lots of variants of it online and even app versions of the game. You can find more than one gin rummy strategy online and some sites offer guides on it. But how do you play it?

Different cards have different values. Aces are worth 1 point and face cards are worth 10 points. All the other cards retain their face value. You play against the dealer and your goal is to make sets or sequences of melds. You discard the cards you don’t need and take others from the deck. The cards you don’t need are known as deadwood. And their number affects your score.

Teen Patti

This is a popular card game that is played in India. You can enjoy it at several casinos online. It’s also known as flush or flash and is similar to the English three-card brag. You play it with a single 52 card deck. Also, as many as 10 players can play Teen Patti.

The cards are dealt only once. Your goal is to get the best three-card hand and win the prize from the prize pool. You have the option to fold if your combination isn’t the right one. Naturally, there are many Teen Patti versions you’ll come across online.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a popular Asian dice game. It’s played with 3 dice and a shaker. At least, that’s how it functions online. Your goal is to guess the outcome of the dice. You have a table, that’s similar to a roulette table, that you can place your bets on. It’s a simple game to learn and enjoy. There are various bets and outcomes in this game, but the fun is guaranteed.