MacBook Pro 16 “- Problems with audio playback

MacBook Pro 16-inch Models will arrive this week

The brand new MacBook Pro with 16-inch screen diagonal seems to have a similar problem as the 2018 MacBook Pro 15 “. 

The thing with the crackling speakers – it seems so familiar. Last year, there were reports that the MacBook Pro 15 “(July 2018) was struggling with audio problems. Now buyers of the MacBook Pro 16 “complain about something similar. Accordingly, numerous contributions in various forums read, after which the new professional notebook also noise in the audio playback of itself. The topic is discussed under the title “cracking / popping sound”. The noise may occur among other things in the music or video playback. An exact pattern does not exist so far. What causes the problem is not known yet. 

While some believe that there is a connection to Final Cut Pro X, others believe they have a problem with QuickTime. But obviously the bug can not be narrowed down. Apple is reportedly already working on fixing the bug, even though the company has not commented on it so far. Affected persons will therefore have to wait a little longer. It can be assumed that Apple will publish a timely update – as it did last year.