Mario Kart Tour Halloween Tour latest Update arrives on October 22

Mario Kart Tour will add a Time Trials mode during its next Halloween event, which starts on October 22 at 11:00 p.m. PT (or 7 a.m. October 23 in the United Kingdom).

New Mode

The new mode is among a selection of Halloween themed content that will be added during the two-week event, along with at least six new characters, three new courses and new go-karts and gliders.
In a new video released on Monday, Nintendo confirmed that the characters of Luigi, King Boo, Baby Luigi and Waluigi will be added as standard controllers, which means that they will always be available to unlock.

Mario Kart Tour has a new tour update that will be released on October 22, and this is Halloween. Although it is a festive occasion, Nintendo highlights the arrival of Luigi’s Mansion 3, which opens on October 31, with the arrival of Mario’s brother, Luigi. Three other controllers will also come out with the update, but Luigi has been great since the game’s launch.

You can check all the information about the update below in a quick video. The video is broken down by Lakitu, who provides the highlights of the Halloween tour. Players can expect a series of new challenges that they must complete to unlock more coins and badges during the tour, along with three new haunted courses.

The next series of drivers, however, are exclusive to the tour. They include Rosalina in a Halloween costume. His frenzy ability creates these massive contours of blue stars that players must go through during the course to advance. The rings serve as a physical red fungus, allowing players to reach first place.

The other character is King Boo of Luigi’s Mansion. Unlike the previous King Boo, this exclusive King Boog comes with a darker purple hue and a large purple crown with a crystal on the top. King Boo’s frenzy capability gives him a massive cannon from which he can fire bomb bombs to do a short job of any competition ahead of him.

The new exclusive items on the Halloween tour feature new gliders and vehicles for players to pick up during this rotation. Players have two weeks to gain access to these items.

If you’ve not checked it out yet, go and see Mario Kart Tour is available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Be sure to check out the thread in our forums for more discussion around Mario kart


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