Mario Kart Tour officially launched on iOS & Android Store

Mario Kart Tour officially launched on iOS & Android Store

The release date of Mario Kart Tour is September 25! Finally we have the fan favorite kart racing game for mobile phones, Android and iOS alike. We’ve been waiting anxiously for two years, since Nintendo announced that it will force everyone who wants to compete on their smartphones, and now it’s a reality. The game marks the first critically acclaimed and commercially successful series adaptation for mobile devices, it’s free, and this is what it looks like:

Available to download right now on both iOS (get it from the App Store here) and Android (grab it from the Google Play Store here) devices

Mario Kart Tour closed the beta tests, held in May this year, returned with quite positive results and the period since then was full of rumors about the game, how it will turn out, how it will be, and such. Now, we can break the cycle with this mobile edition of the game. Immediately, online reviewers mainly focus on how the entire franchise was adapted for the mobile game. Mainly, everyone’s concern was that the game would have to dim slightly, so that most Smartphone devices could run it. And, Nintendo has done it the right way, since they have kept the central game at the expense of the images, only what they needed.

In Google Play, Mario Kart Tour Android already has about 4 stars with a vote count close to 10k. It is not yet a respectable show, but the game is definitely growing rapidly. However, in the iTunes App Store, the game already has about 20k votes and an amazing rating of 4.8 stars, making it a resounding success for iPhones and iPads. It seems that the greater system power of your mobile devices will affect your gaming experience, but it remains to be seen how the game will develop further.

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