Microsoft says that Huawei ban is ‘Un american’

Microsoft says that Huawei ban is ‘Un american’

Microsoft has come to the aid of Huawei, arguing that the current sanctions against the besieged Chinese language agency are “anti-American.”

Earlier this year, the US Division of Commerce. UU. He blacklisted the Chinese cell phone in Chinese language for national security reasons, preventing US companies from doing business with the company.

The ruling restricted Huawei’s entry to vital elements and the Android work system, in addition to Google’s features. Huawei has consistently denied any allegations of irregularities

Huawei and Microsoft

It is a huge blow to the ambitions of the company within the area of ​​smartphones and their US suppliers that can lose significant revenue streams. It contains Microsoft, whose Windows 10 work system feeds Huawei PCs.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Microsoft President Brad Smith says that the reasoning of US authorities for Huawei’s ban is illogical and has not been properly defined.

“[Sometimes], what we get as an answer is:” Well, if you knew what we knew, you would agree with us, “Smith said.” And our answer is: ‘Great, show us what you know so we can decide for ourselves. This is how this country works. “

Many American experts confirm that they had pressured Washington to obtain permission to trade with Huawei, which resulted in a slight break from the ban.

The federal government has confirmed that some US suppliers. UU. They will be able to trade with Huawei, if there is no security hazard, however, it has not allowed any of the 130 license functions that, according to reports, it has obtained so far. In general, it is not clear which areas the federal government considers are not a security risk.

The Trump administration’s place in the matter has been fluid, and the president suggested that he may be open to include Huawei in any trade agreement. The 2 international locations have been involved in a long-standing dispute, exchanging eye-to-eye tariffs for others’ items.

Microsoft says that Huawei ban is ‘Un american’
Microsoft says that Huawei ban is ‘Un american’

Microsoft may participate in relation to the risk that strategic and rising applied sciences reminiscent of Synthetic Intelligence and Quantum Computing, areas in which Microsoft has made significant investments, may be subject to export bans.

“You can’t be a world leader in technology if you can’t take your technology to the world,” said Smith.

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