Minecraft Will Receive Nvidia RTX Update

Nvidia revealed that the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft is receiving the RTX treatment in an upcoming update. Which means that you will soon be able to enjoy all the fun and games of your favorite block survival game with all the lighting of the road in which you can shake an enchanted hoe.

Here there is no clear release date for Minecraft RTX features, but we hope it will be released within the next updates for the sole reason that there are modders that already implement similar features in the game.

Minecraft with RTX | Official GeForce RTX Ray Tracing Reveal Trailer

Nvidia has been pushing for RTX support in triple A titles across the board, and everyone expects to see RTX being a large part of the next generation of PC and console games in one way or another. It is safe to assume that we will see Minecraft in the next generation of consoles, so it is a smart decision for Mojang and Nvidia alike.

Given that Microsoft and Mojang were recently forced to cancel the Super Duper graphics package, it is exciting to see that we can still expect Minecraft to still see some visual updates, as it is approaching almost a decade of faithful service. That said, there is no way for ray tracing to find a home in this generation of consoles if they no longer have the power to handle the updates that Microsoft and Mojang originally planned for the Super Duper graphics package.

The RTX level graphics in a game like Minecraft may seem contradictory, but there is no doubt that the lighting drawn along the way gives an interesting new twist to the general Minecraft formula.

Saxs Persson, Creative Director of Minecraft Franchising at Microsoft, said in a statement: “RTX gives the world of Minecraft a whole new feeling. In normal Minecraft, a gold block only looks yellow, but with the ray tracing activated, you can really see the specular highlight, you can see the reflection, you can even see a crowd reflected in it. ”

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