MMORPG shooter goes Free2Play on Steam – Should you watch it?

Steam has launched a new MMORPG shooter. What does Will to Live have to offer and how does the online game even work?

What is Will to Live? It is a mixture of MMORPG and shooter. You are trying to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. In addition you do not only look for food, but also for equipment and raw materials. So you try to improve. Along the way, you will encounter other players you can fight or interact with, as well as monsters.

A mix of shooter and MMORPG

What are the specifics of Will to Live?

The mix of shooter battles and MMORPG elements coupled with the end-time scenario sounds quite exciting.

  • You explore a huge, open game world
  • The battles run like a shooter, with each weapon playing differently
  • The weapons should be as realistic as possible
  • You can do quests
  • Survival elements are important
  • You create your hero from four classes, all of which have unique skills
  • It is possible to improve your hero over time
  • You descend into dungeons and participate in raids

How can you play MMORPG shooter? 

Visit the Steam page of Will to Live and simply download the game there. It uses the Free2Play model.

In what status is the MMORPG shooter game?

It is still an early access phase. That means not all features are built in and there are still bugs and performance issues.

How does Will to Live currently arrive?

On Steam , the ratings of the past 30 days at 63 percent. The game had to take some criticism because it was previously offered as a Buy2Play game and is now Free2Play. Some of the buyers are annoyed and let their displeasure in the ratings run wild.

What about the player numbers?

MMORPG shooter, there are currently relatively few players on the server. According to Steamcharts , about 146 players played in the past 30 days on average. The peak was at 1,014 players. That could change now that the game has become Free2Play.

Stay tuned to TheGameRoof for the latest MMORPG shooter patch notes, and content drop news for the game.