On which islands gambling is not allowed and where you can gamble legally?

The ban on gambling exists in many countries. As a rule, the government not only excludes the issuance of gaming licences to operators, but also prohibits the operation of offshore gambling sites. However, as a rule, the restrictions apply only to online gambling, because it is more difficult to control. The reason for such bans, more often than not, becomes an attempt to protect citizens from gambling hobbies. Bans do not always work effectively, players try to bypass them, but strict restrictions do make gambling inaccessible.

Following the example of some countries, islands have also begun to ban gambling on their territory. There are islands where, even using an offshore gambling site, players have to pay large fines or can be arrested. But there are also those where online gambling is completely legal and nothing prevents players from betting. On this page, we will talk about in which islands, gambling is banned and which have legalized it. We will also try to determine whether bans really do any good.

Islands with gambling restrictions

The government of the islands may impose a ban on gambling. If this ban is legislated, it will be very difficult to circumvent, gambling becomes inaccessible. The island does not issue licences for gaming operators, and restricts access to offshore gambling sites. At the same time, in some cases the ban applies only to online games, and in some cases to all kinds of gambling entertainment.

5. Cayman Islands

The island is famous for the fact that the rich and famous members of society prefer to rest here. Gambling on the island was banned long ago, it is enshrined in the Gambling Act, which was passed in 1963. In 2016, the government was reviewing this law and there were attempts to make changes, but nothing came of it. At the moment, gambling enthusiasts have nothing to do on the island, here you will not find land-based casinos, as well as face restrictions on access to online gaming platforms. Below we look at the possible reasons for this position of the authorities and what penalties await violators.

Reasons for the ban of gambling in the Cayman IslandsWhat penalties await violators
Legislation on the islands has long remained unchanged, the government does not want to break this stability.Despite the strict prohibitions, the penalties for violations here are quite loyal. As a rule, you have to pay about 10 dollars.
Tourism is booming on the islands, rich guests spend a lot of money in hotels, restaurants, and clubs. The legalization of gambling could have a negative impact on these industries.Fines could be issued not only to permanent residents of the islands, but also to tourists.
Most residents of the Cayman Islands are Christians, so gambling here may not be morally supported.Serious violations of the Gambling Act are also punishable by 2 months imprisonment.
Charity raffles and bingo are held regularly in the Cayman Islands. Perhaps the government fears that legalization of other gambling games would divert attention away from charity.Penalties for gambling in the Cayman Islands are quite rare. Prohibitions here are so long that violators are rare. 

4. Ireland

A picturesque place where gambling used to flourish. In the early 1850s, gambling entertainment on the island was represented in great variety. There was no law that restricted gamblers and prohibited them from betting. In these years, there was no such thing as online gambling, so land-based casinos flourished. The most popular among gamblers in Ireland were betting shops. The most frequent betting here were on sports. 

In 1854, the government decided that the sphere of gambling entertainment needed to be controlled. To regulate this area, in 1854 was adopted the Betting Act. It allowed sports betting, but restricted other types of gambling. Only state-licensed commercial land-based casinos could continue to operate. Other laws were later passed to regulate the betting industry:

  • In 1956, the Gambling and Lotteries Act was passed. This law completely banned gambling on the island, which was distributed by commercial casinos and was popular up to that point.
  • In 2013, the government made concessions and passed a gambling control bill. This bill allowed 40 operators that provided access to offline gambling.
  • In 2015, the Betting Act in Ireland was amended. This law banned online gambling from most operators. Only gaming platforms with state-recommended licences could provide such services on the island.
  • In 2019, changes were made to the Gambling and Lotteries Act. The main change was the almost complete legalization of offline games with low stakes.

At this point, online casinos are banned on the island. Operators have the ability to obtain recommended licences and provide services. Nevertheless, because of the large set of restrictions, it is simply not profitable for operators to operate in Ireland.

3. New Zealand

The island offers incredible scenery, clean air and unique culture, but if you have come for gambling entertainment, you will face restrictions. It is important to note immediately that, unlike other islands, where there are strict prohibitions on gambling, here is a more lenient attitude in this sphere. You could say that gambling is not welcome on the island, but it is hard to call it completely forbidden.

Operators may provide access to gambling to players, but you must do it strictly in compliance with the Law on Gambling, which has been in force since 2003. Additionally, in 2003, the Horse-racing Act was passed, which regulates this type of gambling and betting on sports in general. Under this legislation, only online casinos with a reputable licence can provide services on the island. A licence from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gambling Authority is accepted. New Zealand has had such restrictions on gambling since 2003:

  • One-time gambling rewards cannot exceed $500.
  • The total turnover of the player in the casino can not exceed $25,000.
  • The installation of slot machines in land-based casinos is prohibited.

2. Indonesia

One of the most unfavourable countries for the gambler. The main reason for the strict prohibitions on such entertainment is religion. In the Muslim religion, gambling is considered a sin, so it is forbidden. The legislation is entirely based on religious principles. This was the main reason why the government passed the relevant laws and prevents the operators from providing gambling services.  You won’t be able to find any land-based casinos here. Playing at online casinos, it is also not worth it, because if a player is caught doing so, he or she will be arrested.

1. Bali

One of the most famous and attractive islands in Indonesia. Tourists will find a lot of interesting entertainments, but not gambling. The law completely forbids online casinos on the island and any other form of gambling entertainment. In particular, this is connected with religion. Hinduism prevails on the island; this religion is unfavourable to gambling. 

It should be noted that illegal gambling is present on the island. The scale of illegal gambling has reached a high level. In some hotels you can find illegal rooms with everything from poker to slot machines. As a rule, the initiators of illegal gambling are foreigners who live here permanently.

Islands with a loyal attitude to gambling

Not all islands have bans on gambling, both online and land-based casinos. Some islands will prove to be a real paradise for the gambler. Many tourists go to these places only because of legal betting. The team onlinecasinospot.ca selected some of the best islands, which should visit the gambler.

3. Bahamas

The Bahamas are loyal to gambling, entertainment here has become an integral part of the economy. Gamblers are allowed to use the services of land-based casinos. Two major land-based casinos, Grand Bahamas and Club Med, can be found on the island. Poker, blackjack, roulette, wheel of fortune, baccarat, a variety of slot machines, craps, and other gambling games are available here. Additionally, the Lotteries and Gambling Act allows betting on sports, in any form. It is important that not only land-based casinos can operate freely on the island, but also online gaming platforms.

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The peculiarity is that if a cruise liner is moored to the island for more than 18 hours, its decks can also legally operate casinos. This makes the Bahamas a paradise for players from all over the world.

2. Aruba

The island of Aruba is one of the most attractive places for gambling in the Caribbean. Gambling on the island is regulated by the Departamento di Asuntonan di Casino (DAC), which operates under the supervision of the Ministry of Justice. All gambling is legal on the island, not only in land-based casinos, but also online gambling. To visit a casino and use the services of online operators may only persons over the age of 18 years. There is also a limit on the number of visits to land-based casinos for local residents. Residents can visit the casino eight times per month.

Land-based and online casinos must be licensed by the DAC in order to operate legally on the island. Other licences are not accepted and are considered illegal. There are only 2 restrictions to online operators: they must not provide their services to residents of the Netherlands, and their licence will not be valid in the kingdom, only on the island of Aruba.

1. Curaçao

The undoubted centre of gambling entertainment, this is the island that attracts the attention of gamblers from all over the world. Any kind of gambling entertainment is legal on the island of Curaçao. Most hotels that are located here give their residents access to casino services. The island is also famous for the fact that its licence is considered one of the most reputable in the world. Most of the best online entertainment operators are licensed by Curaçao.

In 1993, the National Offshore Gambling Ordinance was passed, which completely legalized online gambling. In 1996, the government began issuing its first licences to offshore sites. Today, Curaçao is the perfect place for offshore gambling sites to operate and provide services all over the world.

Why gambling on the islands is illegal?

Some islands do have an active fight against gambling. Governments often ban not only online casinos, but also land-based gambling establishments and betting shops. The reasons of such attitude of the states to gambling may be different. Focusing on the analytical data of onlinecasinospot.ca, we selected the main reasons for the prohibition of gambling in the islands.

3. Preventing possible problems in the main spheres of state activity

Most islands have built their economy on tourism. It is tourists who bring money to the islands, which allows them to grow. In some places, tourists are attracted by the solitude of nature, in others by the cultural values and architecture, while others offer a comfortable stay in hotels on the coast. The government believes that if gambling were to be legalized, the tourism business would suffer a loss. To prevent this from happening, amendments are made to the laws on gambling, where all the restrictions are spelled out.

“Working in the field of online gambling for many years, I can say that this is not the most effective solution. As practice shows, on islands where gambling is legal, tourism thrives as well. Casinos and freedom for online gambling are an additional reason to visit the islands. — Charles Moore.”

It is a fact that on some islands where gambling is banned, the illegal entertainment sector thrives. Players get what they need, but the government loses money. Controlled legalization of gambling does much more good for the islands.

2. Negative moral attitudes toward gambling

One often hears that gambling is addictive and has a negative effect on a person’s life. Immorality and gambling are one and the same thing to many. It is difficult to argue that this is not true. Indeed, some players do suffer from gambling addiction due to irresponsible gambling. This can be a major cause of increased crime in the country. If we are talking about a small island, the increase in crime here is a critical factor. The government does not want to deal with the control of gambling, so it simply bans this type of activity.

1. Religious aspects

In Hinduism and Islam, gambling is considered a sin, so it is forbidden by law. This is one of the main reasons why in some Indonesian islands all kinds of casinos are forbidden. The legislation of some countries is based entirely on religion. If there are prohibitions in the holy book, then there are also prohibitions in the laws. 

What can be restrictions on gambling in the islands?

Each individual state takes its own form of restrictions on gambling. Most often, you can find these types of prohibitions:

  • The activities of any kind of casino, both land-based and online, is completely prohibited. Provide any services of a gambling nature on the island is not allowed, no matter what licence the operator may have.
  • Restrictions are divided by type of betting. Most often banned are slot machines, roulette, card games and so on. While sports betting is fully legalized. It is often possible to play various kinds of lotteries absolutely legally on the islands, although other gambling entertainments are under a ban.
  • Only online casinos are banned. Many governments treat the sphere of iGaming with distrust, since they do not get full control over it. This is why land-based casinos are legal, while online gaming platforms are banned.
  • Restrictions on the activities of gaming platforms. On the island, gambling may be legal, but it is provided with some restrictions. For example, the law establishes the maximum amount of winnings, limits players in the amount of the deposit. There are cases when the local population of the island can only visit casinos a few days a month.


Gambling is indeed illegal in some islands. Governments of different countries decide that gambling entertainment can harm the economy or the population. If you are a gambling person, you should not visit Bali, New Zealand, the Cayman Islands, Indonesia and Ireland for the sake of gambling. There is either a complete ban on gambling, or the services are restricted. There are different reasons why gambling is prohibited in some islands. Most often it is religion, moral restrictions or damage to the economy.

However, there are islands that have become a real paradise for gamblers. On the islands of Curaçao, Aruba, and the Bahamas you will find many legal gambling activities.