Outer Wilds Update Version 1.02 Patch Notes For PS4

Outer Wilds update version 1.02 was released today for PS4. The game is also available for PC and Xbox One. There is a new update available for Outer Wilds on PS4 bumping the game version 1.02. Get the full patch notes for Outer Wilds update 1.02 below.

Previously, a minor update was released that contains several fixes. Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players still face a series of problems when trying to play the game. The Outer Wilds 1.04 patch is expected to resolve some of these issues.

Outer Wilds Update Version 1.02 Full Patch Notes

This update also improves the performance of the game on PS4 and PS4 Pro. Other changes include the UI menu that has been visually revamped.


  • Changed the clue in the Black Hole Forge (again…)
  • Visually revamped menu UI system
  • Added menu for gameplay options that can be triggered by looking at the Player Suit in the Ship after the first loop
  • Removed an invisible repelling force that’s no longer necessary… ;;)
  • Sound, especially ship impact noises, no longer travels between Dark Bramble areas
  • Significant performance improvement on PS4, especially the PS4 Pro

Outer Wilds Update Version 1.02 MINOR FEATURES AND FIXES:

  • Fixed miscellaneous crash bugs
  • Improved visual effects for a certain sequence in the High Energy Lab
  • Fixed bug that occasionally makes the geometry of the planet you’re on disappear
  • The Ash Twin hologram on the Orbital Probe Cannon now has antennae
  • Fixed texture bug on Nomai shuttles
  • Fixed planet symbols at the Black Hole Forge
  • Asterisks in the ship log are now orange/yellow
  • Changed the Ship Log picture for the High Energy Lab mural
  • Fixed lakebed cave lighting bug that occurs when the player enters in a particular way
  • The player can no longer slightly see inside the clouds on Giant’s Deep
  • Improved lighting and added baked ambient occlusion to a certain Nomai area
  • The Fig backer satellite is now more easily accessible and less frustrating to explore
  • Slate and Hal’s auto-conversation triggers now deactivate if you talk to them manually
    Fix for not being able to look/rotate while using a Nomai projection pool in zero-g
  • Fixed bug that occasionally vaulted the player upwards while jumping at a certain object
  • Fixed a PS4 crash on the first visit to the backer satellite
  • Fuel and oxygen gauges in the ship cockpit now give actual measurements
  • Fixed a bug where the autopilot tries to direct you towards something that doesn’t exist anymore
  • Fixed bug with singularities
  • Mesh geometry on the Little Scout now rotates to match the camera direction
  • Added tool tips to the gameplay options menu to describe each option
  • Scrollbars across the game now fully scroll from top to bottom
  • Improved dialogue UI to fit text better

Outer Wilds is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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