Overwatch 2 : Game has been leaked before, here are the info

This weekend, the American journalist Rob Breslau, has published a new article on the website of the American television channel ESPN, in which he reveals all the information about the next installment of Overwatch. The chain would have had access to BlizzCon documents that describe the new Blizzard FPS. According to the journalist, he would not be a true Overwatch 2 strictly speaking, but an evolution of the current game, which would actually be “Overwatch: Chapter 2” and that would be based on the PvE content, which is consistent with the information revealed by Kotaku in last June. In addition, last May, Blizzard President J. Allen Brack explained last May that the Overwatch development team was working on a new project.

According to the documents obtained, Overwatch 2 would be articulated around new missions, narratives playable in cooperative for 4 players (instead of 6 against 6 regulars), which would take place in Rio de Janeiro, hometown of the hero Lucio. Unpublished letters and heroes are discussed, as well as the new “talent hero”, even if we still don’t know what it is. Of course, the PvP does not go to the trapdoor, with a completely new mode called “Push” that would be present with a letter novel inspired by the city of Toronto. Anyway, all this can be played in BlizzCon, which means that we should not wait too long to have the network of the heart.

to clarify from my original tweet, it is very likely the next iteration of Overwatch will not be ‘Overwatch 2’, aim instead a variant of ‘Overwatch: Chapter 2’ https://t.co/RVkjrZisuY

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