Overwatch 2: The leak were “Etremely Defeats” for developers

In an interview with journalists from Kotaku, the main developer of Overwatch 2, Jeff Kaplan, has led to the appearance of all the frustration that Blizzard authors feel due to the leak that preceded the official announcement of the shooting hero in BlizzCon 2019.

When addressing the thorny issue of many rumors related to the project, Overwatch 2, Kaplan explains that “when you are doing everything possible to deliver something so big and you will see the plans spoil by these leaks, inconsistent with, this is the part that we are. very annoying because that information was not placed within a context that allows people to fully understand what we were creating. ”

“Our designers had a broken heart,” reveals Kaplan sharing the discouragement of its developers to see the filtration and images of Overwatch 2 filtered on the network before the BlizzCon 2019, but then add in this regard that “our artists care much of the beauty of their work, but then we admire these horrendous leaks and are forced to see the reaction of their community. These are horrible off-screen shots taken by someone, because this can be a bit demoralizing. ”

What do you think of the statements of the main developer of Overwatch 2? Before leaving the comment form, remember that the ambitious sci-fi shooting game Blizzard does not yet have a release date and, presumably, will continue without having it at the end of 2020 after the conclusion of BlizzCon next year.

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