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Pokemon Master

About Game:

Pokemon Masters Get ready for a new version of Pokemon battles as you join famous coaches throughout the Pokemon story in Pokemon Masters. This mobile game is a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and DeNA Co., Ltd., and gives lifelong fans the opportunity to meet with Gym Leaders and Champions of previous Pokemon video games for a whole new adventure!

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Game Play:

You no longer have to wonder how different Pokemon Masters is from the other games in the franchise. The mobile title is now available for Android and iOS devices just over a month after previous registrations were opened to the public. Pokemon Masters recover familiar faces from the main games old coaches that you might have liked as much as Brock and Misty. The game takes place on an island where the Pokémon Masters League is held, match each of your trainers with a Pokémon and face you in AI in 3v3 games.

Pokémon Masters is a collaboration between Pokémon Company and DeNA, the mobile game company that also developed Super Mario Run and Fire Emblem Heroes. The companies released a lot of game videos when previous records were opened showing how the synchronization pairs work, as well as the battle mechanics and movements available in the game.

You might want to take a look at them to get an idea of ​​how to play, although now you can jump and solve things as you go on your journey to train and compete in the League.

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What’s new in Pokémon Masters?

We finally have a confirmed release date for Pokémon Masters and we don’t have much to wait, it will arrive on August 29, within two days. We hope you are ready because this will be your next big sink.

We have been playing the game in Canadian access for a while and we even created a beginner’s guide so you can prepare for the launch. Gang is happening, so get ready!

What’s the gameplay like?

From the little we have seen, the gameplay is a fairly simplistic battle system in which you choose three Trainers and their companion Pokémon to face three others. This sounds as if each Trainer only uses one Pokémon instead of having a selection for each Trainer. This means that Misty will only use Togepi, Ash will always use Pikachu and Brock will always use Onyx. I think this has been done so that they can create characteristic attacks for each team.

In terms of combat, it seems quite simple. Each of the coaches has three different things they can do in battle; the main attack, a potion and what appears to be the characteristic attack movement. This signature is likely to need to be loaded while fighting the main attack. Potions could be used to heal your Trainers or to improve them, although if Pokémon Masters is like other games like this, then some of the Trainers may have a healing movement as their special ability.

For the look of the screenshots, you have a power meter at the bottom. This suggests that your power is shared among the Coaches, so you will have to choose which Coach you want to use for your special attack. We do not know if the game is based on turns or not, but it seems that it will be. If not, it would end up being a button set that wouldn’t be fun. That’s all we know so far about the game, but we’ll update it as we know more.

Pokemon is big Deal. If you’re a father in your thirties, you probably already know, and you’re likely to be a fan of yourself. With the arrival of Pokémon GO in 2016, Pokémon experienced a great rebirth and now children around the world are in the Pokétrain.

DeNA and Pokémon Company have just launched a mobile game focused on Pokémon called Pokémon Masters and may be your child’s new obsession. Let’s talk about what that means and what you need to know about it before letting your little one play.

Team up with famous trainers

Knowing and working together with formidable trainers from other regions is a central aspect of Pokémon Masters, and brings an interesting twist to the game’s history. Some of the sync pairs you’ll find in Pasio include the legendary Red Pokémon Trainer and his Charizard, the powerful Coach (and grandson of the famous Professor Oak) Blue and his Pidgeot, and Cynthia, the Sinnoh Champion, along with his Garchomp. .

Three-on-Three Pokémon Battles

Once you have joined forces with other synchronization pairs, you can participate in Pokémon battles! The battles in Pokémon Masters are 3-on-3 games that take place in real time. You can unleash powerful attacks one after another as your motion meter refills over time.

In addition, in the battles of Pokémon Masters, players can direct Pokémon to unleash attacks as usual, but Coaches can use their own movements and healing items in battle for the first time. The movement of a coach can increase the statistics of a Pokémon or have other effects. With multiple synchronization pairs that square together, you will have to develop completely new strategies if you expect to reach the top!

Pokémon Masters is a mobile game available for iOS and Android and focuses on the entire world of Pokémon. The game takes place on the island of Pasio, which has been custom built for the Pokémon Masters League (PML). Instead of a player having several Pokémon on his team, you now have three Trainers with one Pokémon each, called Synchronization Pairs.

The game takes your child through many story missions until he becomes the “Pokémon League Champion.” It also has many side missions and a leveling system to keep them busy for hours.

Which Unova Pokémon are confirmed for Pokémon Go so far?

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