Pokémon Rumble Rush

Pokémon Rumble Rush Android Review

Pokémon Rumble Rush mobile game is the newest edition into the Pokémon Rumble franchise, making it the 5th entry. So far released for Android, the worldwide release date of Pokémon Rumble Rush was May 22, 2019, while it had been a week earlier on Google Play in Australia. While the release date of the iOS version has not yet been set, first impressions are well established on the web.

About Developer :

It was developed by the Ambrella company, which is a Japanese video game developer that works with Nintendo. They already made several Pokémon spin-off titles. Pokémon Rumble Rush publishing was handled by The Pokémon Company itself, which owns all the licenses for the franchise, not just in games but in all media branches.

Pokémon Rumble Rush is already known as the most ambitious title in the Pokémon franchise so far, since this time it seems that all the companies involved are looking to capitalize big on the game. The other previous mosaics were destined to be small pocket games, and this surely maintains the style of such a game, but with a great content oriented to a single player.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Gameplay :

In Pokémon Rumble Rush mobile game the players will travel from one island to another in search for their Pokémon Army. You get only a single Rattata on start but build up quickly as you go. Rattata moves on its own throughout the lane, while the players steer him as Bulbasaurs will try and block your path. By tapping the screen, Rattata will perform its special move, the Quick Attack. It will dispatch Bulbasaurs easily, with a certain satisfaction if we might add. However, at the end of the track, Ratata will have to face off with a big Charmander, accompanied by a horde of Bulbasaurs, which is technically a boss fight.

That is where the initial phase goes. After defeating the boss, the difficult and fun parts begin. The rewards for killing bosses are coins and maybe some Pokémon. The valuable resource, Pray, is rarely granted and collected slowly, but is used to improve Pokémons by improving their combat power and statistics. In addition, there are several other tricks added to the game, such as Summon Stones, which is equipped with your Pokémon and will summon a random ally in battle.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Appearance :

Pokémon Rumble Rush Android will provide a pleasant visual experience. The game was originally titled Pokéland, so don’t be confused if some online sources contain that title instead of Pokémon Rumble Rush. The game contains more than 130 unique Pokémon, each modeled consistently with the Pokémon Rumble series. The levels and the environment look good and feel intuitive, since the game itself is ready to learn and play. The preparation or out-of-combat phase has a well-organized user interface, with easy-to-use and complete functions. It is where you will definitely enjoy how your mons look while you adjust them and refine their skills.

Pokemon Rumble Rush – Launch Trailer

Each island in this game will have its own set of Boss Pokémons that the player will have to tear down. Pokémon Rumble Rush Boss fights can be challenging as each boss has their own set of requirements that you must meet. Some bosses can even be eliminated with a certain Pokémon that the player must possess in his collection, since only his special power can damage the boss.

Pokémon Rumble Rush Verdict

Google Play, Pokémon Rumble Rush Android updates will come every two weeks with new islands, according to the listing. This means new battles and collectibles, that will surely keep the game entertained indefinitely. This is why the mobile game project Pokémon Rumble Rush looks and feels like the most serious attempt by developers to create something that may remain a little more in the market. It is naturally free to play. As a single player game, it is ideal for the whole family and is recommended to all franchise lovers.

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