PS4 vs PS5: Which is Better to Choose?

Buying a game console is quite a responsible step. Since console manufacturers are so eager to please gamers, it becomes difficult to choose the right one from a large number of options. Companies are increasing the performance of models, improving the gaming experience, and supplying devices with more and more new features. Sony does the same because each new version of the Playstation contains more and more serious indicators of graphics, processor power, and power consumption.

Today we will talk about consoles such as PS4 and PS5. Which model should you choose? Below you can find basic information about these consoles and make the right choice for your gaming needs.

PS4 vs PS5: Which is Better to Choose?

You can play on a laptop and computer, smartphone and tablet, but you can get the best gaming experience on a device specially designed for it. These are game consoles. The best game consoles have a powerful video chip and processor, a list of necessary connectors, and wireless technologies for connecting devices. All this applies to such popular models as PS4 and PS5. 

If you are the owner of the PS4 and want to consider the opportunity to renew your PlayStation, you will also find answers to whether you need to select another model. By the way, if you are wondering how to fix PS4 HDMI port, you can get expert help in online mode on Howly’s official website. Hence, let’s go back to the key features of the PlayStation models.  

What Do You Need to Know About These Models?

Still tormented by doubts about which console model to choose? In order to make the right choice, you just need to understand the main characteristics and significant differences between these consoles. Let’s highlight the key features of every model to make the picture clear.

The PlayStation PS5 Features

This console model is equipped with one of the most powerful graphics cards. This console stands out from the competition with a powerful graphics processor, as well as a controller that allows you to get a completely new feeling during the game. 

And of course, this PlayStation will please with its futuristic design. Also, the owners of this console will appreciate the opportunity to enjoy a library of exclusive games. This is really a significant competitive advantage that has made a lot of noise in the world of gamers.

The PlayStation PS4 Features

Compared to the above-described novelty on the market, much less computing power is noticeable here. However, the PS4 is still a very powerful gaming machine. As for the design, this console has a more compact look, but it allows you to safely run all the games that are available on the market.

So which model is worth your attention? Should you choose a new PlayStation or try to give a chance to the previous model? Let’s discover more details regarding the features.

The Controller Features

The main difference between PS4 and PS5 is a new gamepad for a new generation. Improved controller vibration and key feedback will allow the player to feel the difference between the actions in the game. For example, this touchpad will convey the feeling of touching textured surfaces, will resist while swimming, and so on.

The Card Features

The AMD Navi graphics card is not only 4K/120 Hz, but also ray tracing. Each light source will be stimulated separately, which will create realistic lighting and shadows that can be admired in your favorite games.

The PS4 has an AMD Radeon, which can also provide 4K. Aside from ray tracing, the difference between PS4 and PS5 is that the latter will support 8K games. This is very cool, but it is worth noting that this will require an appropriate TV in order to get quality picture transmission.

The Sound Features

Regarding sound quality and the PS4 vs PS5 battle, the newest model is definitely at the top with 3D audio. Therefore, it is undoubtedly worth thinking about purchasing new speakers and headsets for complete immersion in the atmosphere.

Performance and Memory Features

Another significant difference between PS4 and PS5 is the combination of CPU and GPU, without which it is impossible to achieve the declared quality of graphics. To do this, they have an 8-core AMD Ryzen, Zen 2. The fourth version is also powerful, but not-so-modern 8-core AMD Jaguar x86-64.

The SSD in the PlayStation 5 in any case will speed up the loading of games by 10-20 times. If you compare PS4 already and PS5, then in the case of the second, you will not have to deal with long loading processes. 

Here you can get fast launch games as well as fast loading right during the game. That is, you will forget about any sudden pauses during the most interesting moment of your favorite game since only the seconds pass from the moment you press the button and the load is completed.

As a bonus, the manufacturer notes that the ability to customize the installation will save disk space. That is, you can choose which of the optional components you need.

The Voice Search Features

In the PS4 and PS5 game consoles, voice control works like a virtual assistant, which recognizes speech and analyzes all the commands that need to be executed. Crucially, the new feature is now available in multiple languages. According to the developers’ statements of this feature, they spent a lot of time so that we can talk about the maximum stability and accuracy of the function.

The Games Compatibilities

As for the support of games between these consoles, you can easily enjoy all your favorite games on the PS5 console. Also, the new console model offers the opportunity to enjoy some exclusive games.

As for backward compatibility, not all games will be available for users who have a PS4 PlayStation. So, there is a need to note what games are available for such a model.

The Model Variations

There are two forms of PS5 available to users. This is a model that allows the use of discs as well as a model that assumes exclusively digital forms of games.

Over time, other PS4 models were released. But still, there are some more improvements in their technical characteristics when it comes to the PS5.

The Final Verdict

If you’re wondering if you should get a Playstation 4 or a PS5, it’s worth starting with the budget. In order to enjoy top games, such a model as PS4 is enough. 

Of course, a console like the PS5 offers a lot of additional features that can make your gaming experience amazing. Therefore, it is worth weighing the pros and cons and coming to a choice regarding which PlayStation to choose.