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PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 APP Crashes & Not Launching Issues

You hate to see it, but game development is difficult. It is difficult to create flawlessly working experiences across hundreds of completely different mobile devices.

Since the fall of the 0.18.0 update, some players have had problems even playing PUBG Mobile. It only seems to affect a very small percentage of players, but there have been enough reports of getting the official Twitter account of the game to take notice in record time.

Hi Everyone,

There is currently an issue impacting a number of apps that may prevent some of our players from launching PUBG MOBILE. We’re aware, and working with our partners to resolve the problem, and get you back to winning Chicken Dinners. Thanks for your patience.


According to the tweet posted by the PUBG Mobile team shortly after the launch of the patch, there are a few specific apps behind the problem of not launching the game for some players. It is too early to know which apps are causing the game. Still, the anti-cheat tools incorrectly mistake specific installations as being malicious is a problem that almost every competitive title has faced in the past.

We suggest waiting until the development team publishes a final list of problem apps before you uninstall everything on your phone in search of a possible fix. Still, the best scenario we should all hope is to update PUBG Mobile to ignore which one is better. Malicious apps stop running them.