PUBG Halloween Skin

PUBG Patch 4.3 Halloween Skins Roll out Goes Live

Halloween 2019 only one month away, Tencent Games and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds from PUBG Corporation are already preparing for the festival.

PUBG has begun making arrangements to place Halloween costumes on the battlefields and has launched a new breakthrough for Halloween masks 2019 in the game. The advance is very disturbing and gives the community more clues about the events and game features that include masks and costume sets. Set the bar high specifically for Zombie mode.

PUBG New Skins – Halloween 2019

Patch 4.3 came to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds last week, and with it brought a lot of new additions. The new Survival Mastery system tracks a player’s actions during a game to provide XP of how good it is to survive. Progress to level 500 and unlock new emblems, poses, backgrounds and BP.

PUBG Halloween 2019 Costume Sets Available

An event post on the PUBG Steam page mentioned that the new Halloween Skins will be available for players to purchase once the PUBG 4.3 patch update reaches the server live. PUBG Halloween 2019 costume sets can only be used for a limited time.

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