PUBG NEWS: PUBG Latest Update Patch Notes 10th October Read What is New

PUBG PC version updated 5.2 Introduces PUBG Labs, Vikendi Tweaks And More

A new PUBG PC update 5.2 is now live on the test server, introducing new features to the game as well as new items and weapons, new gameplay tweaks and more.

PUBG Corporation has started the trial operation of Update 5.2 on the test server for PC for the battle royal shooter ” PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS ” developed and operated by PUBG Corporation .

In Update 5.2, various elements such as the new equipment “Spike Trap”, the new system “PUBG Lab”, the update of the map “Vikendi”, the addition of the waypoint function, and the addition of the automatic attachment function will be introduced. The full patch notes can be confirmed from the news posting on the “PUBG” official website .

PUBG NEWS: PUBG Latest Update 1.25 Patch Notes 10th October Read What is New
PUBG NEWS: PUBG Latest Update 1.25 Patch Notes 10th October Read What is New

PUBG Update PC Patch Note 5.2

New item: spike trap

  • Install spike traps to puncture the tires of vehicles passing over them.
  • Spike traps that spawn anywhere in the world are stored in the inventory and placed in throwing weapon slots.
  • The spike trap can be installed by holding it in your hand and left-clicking. Once installed, the spike trap cannot be collected.
  • Spike traps puncture the vehicle’s tires, but do not damage the vehicle itself.
  • A single spike trap can only be damaged by one vehicle and then disappear.

New system: PUBG Lab

Update 5.2 installed on PC version “PUBG” test server-spike trap, automatic attachment function, waypoint function
Update 5.2 installed on PC version “PUBG” test server-spike trap, automatic attachment function, waypoint function

What is PUBG Lab?

  • PUBG Lab is a space that introduces experimental in-game elements and allows you to implement more fun and easy-to-use content based on your feedback.
  • You can access PUBG Lab from the menu below the play button.
  • PUBG Lab is constantly updated with new content. You can freely experience content that you find interesting.
  • At PUBG Lab, your feedback is the most important! Please let your community manager know what you think about the lab experience.
  • Contents to be tested at PUBG Lab: Skill Based Rating System (PC-Live Server: November 26-January 1 / CONSOLE-Live Server: November 26-January 6)

PUBG PC 5.2 Vikendi Update

 PUBG PC 5.2 Vikendi Update
PUBG PC 5.2 Vikendi Update
  • Terrain improvements
  • Vikendi village improvement
  • Improved gameplay balance

PUBG PC updated 5.2 Gameplay

  • Added waypoint function
  • Addition of automatic attachment function
  • Adjustment of swimming balance and diving balance
  • Improved weapon impact sound

Custom match

  • Adding round elements
  • Added commander function
  • Added sandbox mode
  • Added special items limited to custom matches
  • Added HUD hiding function

Weapon Mastery

Added weapon filtering function

  • In the weapon mastery screen, you can now change the weapon order by using the weapon navigation filter.
  • Added weapon sorting function: Basic settings (alphabetical order) / level order / damage order


  • Old replay videos are no longer viewable due to an updated replay system version.

PUBG PC updated 5.2 Skins & items

  • Added BattleStat weapon (MK47)
  • Added 2 BP BattleStat weapons (MP5K and QBZ)
  • Added 1 Madsy belt and 1 shoe
  • Added 15 Twitch Broadcaster Royale items
  • Add new free crate

PUBG PC 5.2 Bug fixes

  • Corrected the phenomenon that smoke continues to be generated even after the vehicle stops running due to tire punctures.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the screen to use the scope to be displayed when the spectator sees a player attached to the wall in ADS mode.
  • Fixed a phenomenon that caused the vehicle to explode when riding a vehicle that was spawned at a specific location on the Miramar map.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that there was no cloudy weather in the climate setting item of Erangel in Custom Match.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the white zone area is fixed to a certain range after starting the game in War mode.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that survival and extinction presets are not output correctly in zombie mode.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where a face item other than the basic face was worn in zombie mode, and it appeared as a human character when starting the game from the zombie camp.
  • Fixed a phenomenon that caused zombies to be respawned from the transport plane when the transport plane was in the map in some zombie modes.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the result screen was output when a zombie died and respawned in the zombie royal mode.
  • Fixed an issue where the Survivor Pass mission could achieve the Mk Mutant1 kill and 10th mission without wearing the Mk Mutant47 Challenger T-shirt.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that the description of the SQUAD extermination mission was output incorrectly in the Survivor Pass mission.
  • Fixed the phenomenon that the mission completion is not displayed in the Survivor Pass mission even if the mission is not completed or the mission reward is achieved.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that gloves were not output when wearing a tattoo sleeve costume and ancient mummy gloves.
  • Corrected the phenomenon that footsteps cannot be heard from the player’s own viewpoint when a character wearing shoes moves on a puddle while walking.

PUBG is available now for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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