Replaying GTA V on PS5

Almost ten years and still no new Grand Theft Auto title. Although Rockstar has announced they have commenced work on GTA VI, it is still several years away from full releases. As disappointing as this is, it dawned on me that I have only ever actually completed the main storyline once and there is much of the newly released content that I have never actually played. With most games, new content is never as good as the original. However, GTA 5 has managed to stay relevant enough to become the second best-selling video game of all time. Rockstar made good on their promise which was to release GTA 5 on 9th generation consoles, therefore I bought myself a copy for the PS5, here’s what happened.

Exploring The Mount Chiliad Mystery

It must be aliens! All modern Rockstar games come with some spectacularly unique and rather extravagant easter eggs! None have been quite so enthralling as the Mount Chiliad Mystery. There is a whole subreddit dedicated to the mystery which seems to have numerous layers to it. I do not want to ruin the story for you, but essentially you need to visit Mount Chiliad and head to the observation deck where you will find some graffiti which reads “Come back when the story is complete ”. Once you beat the game with 100% completion, head back to the mountain for, let’s say, a surprise! Funnily enough, there is more to this story too. In 2017, Rockstar released a new update known as The Doomsday Heist. At time of writing, there is nothing more to add, but many Reddit users do not feel that the mystery has been fully solved just yet. Perhaps you can solve it?

It’s Time to Gamble! The Diamond Casino and Resort

It may sound like an Arctic Monkeys album, but The Diamond Casino and Resort update is widely regarded as one of the best of all GTA V updates. Whilst playing online, it is pretty important to earn a lot of cash. Money helps you to buy the best weapons and the best cars. Fortunately, this update was great for filling up your in-game bank account. I recommend completing the main story mode missions from the update first. Each time you complete a mission you should get a bonus of around $50,000 whilst the final mission will give you a bonus of $100,000! After completing the missions, I went ahead and completed all of the side missions with Miss Baker – as well as a load more money, I was also awarded with casino chips which I was told can be used at the Diamond Casino!

It turns out that an even better way to make money from this update is by playing the gambling games. You can spin the Lucky Wheel once per day (this is similar to live roulette) and you almost always receive a win much bigger than your initial stake. However, my favourite feature of the casino are the slot machines, and it turns out, playing the slots are a great method of making money in GTA V. However, there are several different slot machines. I played each of them in order to discover which offers the best value for money. The highest earning slot machines in GTA 5 are The Diamond Miner and Deity of the Sun. Both of these slot machines are based on real slot games and can be played using the casino chips you gained after completing Miss Baker’s missions. Chips can be converted into real money at any time too. In truth, it is not too difficult to win money, just make sure to regularly convert your winnings. It only takes one big win to make the time spent here worth it. The biggest possible win is 2.5 million chips too. There are plenty of other casino games which can be played too. My favourite is blackjack, but you can also play Roulette and even poker. It is possible to play all of these games online with other players. However, if your main goal is to win as much as quickly as possible, I recommend doing this on your own. Rockstar has ensured that it’s not too difficult to beat the casino.

Finally, you can also take advantage by gambling on the horse tracks. Simply, head to the ‘Inside Tracks’ and place your bets on a horse. Each horse has a name and odds to win. Betting on evens is a good tactic. In addition, each race lasts only 30 seconds, so you can win a lot of money fairly quickly.

The GTA V Serial Killer

Whether it’s Red Dead Redemption or GTA, Rockstar loves a good serial killer side quest. At first glance, the Infinity Killer sidequest was fairly simple to solve. However, the more you play through the game, you will discover small details which really ensure that the quest is even more intriguing. The Infinity Killer is based on the real-life Zodiac killer who was never caught. All of the Infinity Killers victims can be found with all of them wrapped up in plastic bags. I will not reveal the locations, but there are a total of eight bodies which you can find across Los Santos. It is great fun tracking down all of the clues left by the killer. He/she left several poems too, which are creepy! Additionally, you will often hear updates related to the Infinity Killer on different radio stations. The level of detail here is amazing and it really blows your mind when you first realise that there’s a serial killer on the loose in Los Santos!

Do You Have any Suggestions?

Sometimes, it feels as if GTA V is never ending! There is always something new to discover – the game is an absolute masterpiece and rightly deserves all of the accolades it gets. I know that what i have just discussed is the tip of the iceberg, so please, if you have anything more to add that you have discovered for yourself, let me know. I have heard rumours that it is possible to transform yourself into an animal, so I might check this out right now!