Retro Games in the Classroom: What Did They Teach Us

Two decades down the line but there are no other educational games to beat the classics in classrooms. They did not have the best video qualities, but you cannot compare them to the current edited ones. They had so much more to offer than the fun of playing games.

Incorporating this in colleges helps you to stand a chance of having excellent performance on paper and socially. Here are some retro games in the classroom that build you to be an all-rounded student.

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Carmen Sandiego

If you wanted to go on a virtual adventure, then Carmen Sandiego was the best game to play. It takes you through different geographical locations across the world as an agent of the Intelligence service. The game teaches you the different cultures exercised around the globe to help you put down great work on paper. 

Mario Teaches Typing

Working on the speed of typing is never simpler when you play Mario Teaches Typing. It helps you improve on eye coordination and in producing quality work before enhancing to the next level. Schools that used to play the game had their students good with words and the ability to complete competitions on time. But typing is just a part of the process when students do their assignments or prepare for exams. There is always a need for a professional look at your work especially if they are thesis, dissertation, or just homework. In this case, Edubirdie is an external service with professional writers who are always ready to help with your papers. Let them edit your paper or do the entire writing. You’ll feel amazed by the quality they produce. This is what makes them the best in the writing industry.

Number Munchers

Working on mathematics-related subjects in colleges and real-life skills is simpler when playing Number Munchers. You have to be the best guard to the green aliens to reach the right answer and increase your points. Playing it makes you, if not close to one, a math guru.

School photo created by freepik

Reader Rabbit

From preschoolers to teenage students, Reader Rabbit gives each of you a learning chance. It takes you on an adventure with pals riding through word-filled caravans. You are to select correct words, arrange them in order, or edit them to create new ones hence building your creativity.

Oregon Trail

To achieve the American Dream, you have to start developing it right from playing this video game. Oregon Trail enhances your critical thinking abilities by offering you various choices of supplies, broken wagons, and attacking bears to choose. It sets you apart from classroom writing and makes it among the best video game in education.

Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo

You learn creativity, which is essential in everyday life education to make the world a better place through Spelunx and the Caves of Mr. Seudo. It helps you explore different environments by clicking on any attempt to see where it leads. Hence, you end up having a story through many attempts.

Lemonade Stand

Business is always booming in Lemonade Stand where you have to come up with the best prices to sell your products. You face adverse marketing challenges, learn to be creative while controlling your inventory. Editing of advertisement is your portion while playing to be the best in business.

Odell Lake

Once the first round of Odell Lake is complete, it is a sure bet that you react to decisions promptly. It exposes you to adverse lake conditions while trying to stay alive but attempts to feed on other fish. Several attempts of trying to win the game make the paperwork easier.

Mixed up Mother Goose

All Jack and Jill stories of back in the days come to you live at your school through Mixed up Mother Goose. It takes you on an adventure in dreamland where you have to use critical thinking to help mother goose find her lamb and pail. The skill later helps you in colleges to solve assignments.


The current evolving gaming world has outdone Retro games in many ways. But they still rank higher in maintaining their learning capabilities in schools to enhance student education. They ensure you enjoy playing games while growing positive skills. It is high time schools introduce them to the curricula to improve writing and creativity skills among students. Ensure you download them to begin having a fun educational experience with your classmates in college during free time.

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