RuneScape celebrates Pride Month & Celebrates its First Anniversary

RuneScape Pride Month is officially and communally celebrated this week, with the latest in-game newsletter highlighting a community parade next weekend and a recently added mini-event to allow players to express their faith in the game.

The mini-event, called Tales of Pride, invites players to experience seven unique stories centered around some of the game’s LGBTQ+ characters, with individual stories written by LGBTQ members of the game’s development team. Players will need to dig to uncover the various magazines, science books, and chats, but doing so will net them a 2022 Pride Banner and a pair of rainbow-colored Het’s Oasis Gators as cosmetic rewards.

Meanwhile, next Friday, June 24, there will be a community pride parade led by the Clan del Rincón LGBT. The show will start at Lumbridge Castle at 5:00 p.m. m. Playtime in World 23, and he’ll bring back some J-Mods to dole out some goodies.

Other parts of the weekly newsletter include regular patch notes outlining mods to Twilight of the Gods, Chaos Die drops, and other general updates, along with a bundle of goodies that RuneScape Mobile players can collect as part of the first anniversary of the gameplay.

Runescape Mobile Celebrates its First Anniversary

An entire year has passed since Runescape Mobile officially and fully arrived on the Play Store. To celebrate his first birthday, Jagex offers players a bunch of sparkly treats.

Free members and players will get five keys. They are called Treasure Hunter Keys and they open special chests. Those chests will have a random prize of varying degrees of rarity.

Players will also receive another special gift: a little knowledge bomb. This will give you a short 50% boost to your XP pool. It may be another way for players to gain OSRS gold. It is a beautiful gift to receive also runescape players can easily Buy RuneScape Gold from websites that is the safest place to buy,

RuneScape Mobile Free Goodies and XP Boosts Full Year

You don’t have a cow, man. She has a cow man costume. This is one of the nice things that RuneScape Mobile is giving away as part of its first anniversary celebration. Mobile MMORPG players, whether they’re a subscriber or not, can get the free Bullsmith outfit pictured above, along with five keys to Treasure Hunter loot chests and a knowledge bomb that provides a 50% boost. in XP earnings for a limited time, neatly bundled in an Anniversary Gifts package.

The anniversary was reason enough for two Jagex developers to talk about how RS Mobile is the “perfect game for the second screen,” as well as how the mobile port brought veterans into the world of Gielinor. “[Runescape] has always been the kind of game you play while doing something else,” product manager Matt Casey says in the article. “I think bringing it to mobile improves it a bit. Now you can literally do it wherever you want.”

If you haven’t already, you can download Runescape Mobile from the Play Store.