RUST Console Edition Patch Notes

Rust Console Edition Today Update 1.02 Patch Notes

Facepunch has released a new update 1.02 for the console version of RUST, Here is the full list of changes and fixes added in this patch. The aim of this update is to address most of the issues players encountered during the early access pre-order period for the Rust Console Edition. While it doesn’t fix every issue with the game right now, it does fix most of the major issues that were blocking progress or causing performance issues. 

The Rust game should be a lot more stable after installing this update, especially on Xbox Series X, and there shouldn’t be as many server browser issues. Everything is new here with Rust Console Edition 1.02. You can find all the relevant information regarding this patch below.

Today’s Rust Update 1.02 will fix a few of these issues. Check out more details below. The patch notes can be seen below in full:

Rust Console Edition Update 1.02 Patch Notes

  • Fixed Tier 2 workbench + gunpowder
  • Fixed stability and server list;
  • Fixed the 5 Second Freeze on Xbox;
  • Fixed issues with the X Series frame rate;
  • Fixed undone penalty changes;
  • Fixed poor texture quality;
  • Solid pink or invisible textures on players;
  • Fixed auto-sprint does not work;
  • Fest can roam the death screen;
  • Fixed cannot place / open doors;
  • Firm customers run after kicked;
  • Fixed crash setting favorite server;
  • Fixed fall damage when logging out;
  • Fixed missing buildings in the port;
  • Fixed No step SFX when wearing shoes.

This update fixes most of the major issues players encountered during the pre-order period, particularly the bug affecting the Tier 2 Workbench and gunpowder manufacturing. Xbox gamers should no longer experience the 5-second freeze some people have encountered, and strafing should now work as it did in the game’s beta.

Xbox Series X performance was also significantly worse than the beta, but performance has been addressed in this update. Unfortunately, some other bugs were not fixed, such as E.g. eating from the server while eating corn, but Double Eleven is currently working hard on patch 1.03.

Rust is available now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The standard version of the game will only be available from May 21st. Only buyers of the Deluxe or Ultimate version can play at the moment. For more information about this patch, see the Rust Console Edition Official Status Page.