Samsung Galaxy S11 108Mp Camera Module Live Image Allows For Speculation!

As we are almost done with this year’s flagship smartphone cycle, it is time once again to start looking into the future. Rumors about Samsung’s Galaxy S11 line have already begun to circulate, and if we believe they are the most outlandish, the Korean tech giant could introduce a 108MP camera sensor into smartphones next year.

Samsung Galaxy S11 108Mp Camera Module Live Image Allows For Speculation!
Samsung Galaxy S11 108Mp Camera Module Live Image Allows For Speculation!

But while we recommend that you take this particular specification with a grain of salt, there is no doubt that camera updates are really heading towards us with the Galaxy S11 line. In that sense, there is an image that we found today that supposedly shows a camera sensor for the next Samsung flagships.

Galaxy S11 Camera Technology?

It seems that Samsung plans to include all its best mobile imaging technology in the next Galaxy S11. According to a report in the Korean technology publication The Elec, Samsung not only plans to include its ultra-high resolution 108MP image sensor inside, but the Galaxy S11 will also feature a periscope zoom lens with 5x optical zoom

In that sense, today we have a new leak that could show the rear camera sensor on the Galaxy S11. The Weibo page where this image appeared has been removed since the leak, so we have no accompanying details for the camera configuration specifications shown below. But the fact that the Weibo was removed provides strong credibility to the credibility of this leak.

The sensor, which was designed in association with Xiaomi, is already scheduled to appear on the next Mi Mix Alpha 5G concept phone, but the Samsung Galaxy S11 would be the first mass-market phone in the United States to use this smartphone giant sensor

Galaxy S11 Camera Review

The image quality is not excellent, so we cannot distinguish any component number. However, since the parts for the Galaxy S11 are already moving around the world, it is reasonable to infer that Samsung has at least established itself in the final prototypes.


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