Ship of Fools announced the trailer for consoles

Team17 and Fika Productions have announced that Ship of Fools will be released later this year for the new generation consoles.

In addition to the Steam version for PC, the fast-paced single and online co-op roguelite will also be available for Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 5. Set on the high seas, Ship of Fools follows a crew of brave (well, foolhardy) anthropomorphic sailors as they work to save their archipelago from gigantic, deadly leviathans and the Eternal Storm while attempting to prevent the Apocalypse.

As the Fools and their good ship, Stormstrider, navigate the treacherous waters of the archipelago, they’ll engage in chaotic cannon fire, knock down enemies with oars, and make life-saving deck repairs. At the same time, the behemoths from below try to send them to Davey Jones’ locker. Along the way, the fools must work together to fend off enemy encounters and secure rewards, discover lost treasure and secluded shops on islands, use harpoons to plunder items floating in the open sea, and finally defeat the final boss and attempt to do so stop the end of the world.