Should You Update Your iPhone to iOS 13

Apple is going to release the iOS 13 update for iPhone

Reasons To Install iOS 13 on iPhone

Dark Mode

iOS 13 is now available. 10 Best Features

You will love the new dark mode in iOS 13. Immediately change the color scheme, offering you a true background and blank text. Not only is it easy for the eyes, but it also helps with battery life.

To toggle the dark mode, open the Control Center and press and hold the Brightness bar. In the lower left corner, you will see a new alternate Dark Mode. Touch to switch to dark mode.

Safari Download Manager

Safari gets a download manager on both iPhone and iPad. When you visit a link that can be downloaded, you will see a pop-up window asking if you want to download the file. Then, a new download icon will appear on the toolbar. Touch it to control all your downloads.

Once the download is complete, you will find it in the Downloads folder in the Files application, it will be stored locally.

But you can and should change the default download location in iOS 13. You can even change it to local storage. Go to Settings -> Safari -> Downloads and change to On my iPad. You can also enter and select another folder of your choice.

Redesigned Reminders App

The Reminders application has been redesigned from scratch. Now it has a dashboard-style interface, with multiple lists, grouped lists, subtasks and rich attachment support.

But the best new feature is the new text input suggestions. You can write a reminder and then write the time and day at the end. You will see a suggestion in the keyboard field to attach it to the reminders. This is not as good as third-party applications, but it is better than nothing.

New Text Editing Features

Apple is making text manipulation easier with iOS 13. You can now touch and hold to lift the cursor and move it easily.

Use the three-finger pinch gesture to copy text, a double-pinch gesture with three fingers to cut the text, and a three-finger expand gesture to paste the text.

Finally, there is a new undo gesture. Simply swipe three fingers to the left to undo the text entry and swipe three fingers to the right to redo.

If you don’t like to swipe, simply touch and hold with three fingers to get a new format bar. From here, you can easily cut, copy, paste, undo and redo.

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