Star wars jedi knight II latest update : Developer to Mend its way by patching in inverted control on PS4

Star wars jedi knight II latest update : Developer to Mend its way by patching in inverted control on PS4

Update (9/25/19): The case has been reopened due to a new development. Developer Aspyr has heard the clamor for an option to reverse controls in Jedi Outcast, and is currently working on a patch. “We hear you about adding target investment to the game,” reads a new statement on the matter. “We are working on an update now, and it should be available on Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 in the coming weeks.” The final verdict on the judgment of the study has been suspended. As the old adage says: guilty until he is no longer guilty.

Original story: Right, forget about the live broadcast of State of Play tonight, put your hopes and dreams of PlayStation 5 to bed and make sure you’re sitting for this one because we have a criminal case in our hands. The newly launched Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast does not allow you to invest by pointing along the Y axis or the X axis on PlayStation 4.

Quiet in the public gallery, this is a serious matter. While the idea of ​​even wanting to enable this option in the first place is a bit offensive, the fact that Aspyr Media has overlooked its inclusion makes some ResetEra users feel a bit annoying. We are not happy with the ridiculously long name of the title, but apparently some people think that choosing to control the camera incorrectly is a more important case for the supreme court.

However, we are here to issue our verdict, and the development team should include the option for those who need it. Case closed, so leave your opinion on our verdict in the comments below

Star Wars: Jedi Knight II – Jedi Outcast released today on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. This is a relaunch of the 2002 PC, Xbox and GameCube adventure that doesn’t include multiplayer mode. But that’s not the only thing that the Aspyr developer left out of the Switch and PS4 ports. The study also did not include the option of inverting the Y axis for camera controls. This means that Jedi Knight II cannot be played for a significant number of players who play the right way.

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