Studies on The Positive Effects of Video Games on Educational Achievements

The impact of computer gaming on a person’s The impact of computer gaming on a person’s mental health and education capability has often been a controversial issue. New content has come up over the years with different attributes and goals. Each game is different. In this regard, they have a positive impact on educational achievement including essay writing help. Read along to get more insights. mental health and education capability has often been a controversial issue. New content has come up over the years with different attributes and goals. Each game is different. In this regard, they have a positive impact on educational achievement. Read along to get more insights.

Studies on Videogaming and Students

A study carried out by Wright on 198 participants sought to answer the question, “ how do video games affect your academic performance?”. The results established that for participants who played often, their GPA scores were lower. But the participants who did not have a gaming console had higher GPA scores. Computer games have become very popular, and more peoplecan access content using gaming consoles or smartphones.

The material has also been more immersive, and this has resulted in entertaining and engaging environments. If you ever wonder if video games rot your brain, then the answer is that it has multiple effects. Even though the study by Wright suggests that the effects of computer games are adverse, it still reveals contradictory information. It indicates that the time spent on gaming does not affect school achievement. Instead, they should be part of the learning process so that they encourage students to learn.

Professional essay writers study by Skoric, Teo, and Neo also supports the notion that some people can get addicted to gaming. This will result in a negative impact in an academic setting. This is particularly the case for gamers who are in college since their parents do not supervise them. In this regard, the student’s academic performance declined as they spent more time playing on their computer.

The males are also prone to poor results in comparison to females since males tend to engage in gaming more often. Other studies also have a neutral effect in regards to the impact of gaming. The study by Smyth seeks to respond to the question, “do gamers get better grades?” found that gaming does not have any effect. The research focused on data to compare gamers who prefer online multiplayer role-playing sports and other kinds of content. The study revealed that the participants still performed well, even though the online content led to more interference in academic work. It resulted in missing lessons and skipping homework.

The interactive nature acts as a way to cool off, and it can also be distracting. Despite the negative views about gaming, a study by Ventura, Shute, and Zhao revealed that they are beneficial. They show that gamers tend to have better visual-spatial skills, which are useful in various fields like technology, mathematics, engineering, and sciences. There are a large number of educational software, and they have been vital in helping learners master their reading and spelling skills.

They are also crucial in developing verbal skills. Complicated content tends to have more benefits since they help learners improve their mental capabilities. You can still order a video game essay online. This is important if you need more details about video gaming and how to balance the positive and negative effects. If you are a moderate gamer, you will avoid the adverse effects.

5 positives impact that video games have on academic performance

Some of the positive impacts that video gaming has on academic performance include;

○ They foster cooperation

In many instances, computer games foster cooperation. This means that some support more than a single player so that they are playable. Some of the popular multiplayer content include Fortnite and apex legends. The player can partner with two or three of their friends so that they play together. The positive effects of video games on academic performance arise since it encourages players to work as a team and cooperate so that they can succeed. These skills are also applied in the classroom, where such players will be keen to collaborate with classmates on different tasks. Students have to learn together so that they are successful. 

○ They have cognitive benefits

Video gaming also has many cognitive benefits. It leads to improvements in spatial memory and recognition ability. If you choose a game with a physical component, then you will enhance your visuospatial, attentional processing, and executive functions skills. The students also get new skills such as how to handle complex situations and cause-and-effect, which are crucial to improving academic scores.

○ They can increase academic motivation

Another benefit is that video gaming increases motivation. They are entertaining and relaxing. If they are part of the school curriculum, a student will learn better. But, if you have difficulties with specific subjects, you can get help with math homework. The service offers guarantees for quality work, and your grades will not suffer.

○ They improve your educational mindset

Computer games also create a mindset that is critical for learning. They support academic achievement and promote intellectual skills. Teachers can use some of them as a tool for teaching. Many teachers often wonder if video games affect academic performance. It can be a useful tool, such as for identifying colors, learning, and writing.

○ They can positively affect cognitive and social health!

Another benefit is that they have a positive effect on cognition and social health. Gaming tends to expose the player to dangerous circumstances, and they have to think about how to win an objective. This is important since it helps children to have enhanced cognitive ability while improving their social skills. It encourages pro-social behavior since it allows students to understand how to sustain attention, solve problems, and also deal with non-cognitive tasks.

Is Video Gaming Positive for Students’ Performance?

The data about the effect of video gaming on performance is not consistent. There is no single answer to the question, “are online games good for students?”. While some studies reveal it has adverse effects, others provide evidence to support the positive impact. Students who play often tend to have reduced concentration in class. Some of the common types include;

  • Strategy
  • Adventure
  • Action
  • Simulation
  • Roleplaying
  • Action-adventure
  • Strategy
  • Puzzle 
  • Sports

In most instances, as a student, you will prefer spending time gaming rather than learning. Some students can be addicted, and this means that it will interfere with their study time. Yet, moderate gaming does not have an impact on students. This means that you have to balance your time between studies and playing your favorite game. The effects depend on the content. If it is educational, then you will gain. If you play a specific game that focuses on the history, you might get new information that will help you in the classroom, while also getting entertainment.

If you need extra time to play while not interfering with your grades, then visit essay writing service website. This is a good option since you will get a skilled professional to help with your assignments. The extra time will be helpful so that you get time to engage in other activities.

In conclusion, games have both positive and negative effects. For many students, they act as a means to relax and interact with other players. But it can also lead to addiction, where the player spends the most time playing on their computer rather than learning. As a student, you need to balance your time so that you can use your computer for leisure and also study to avoid the adverse effects.