The 11 Best Gift Ideas for Gamers

At Christmas and other occasions, many of us are in a quandary when it comes to finding a suitable gift idea for the family poker player or friends who go to the casino.

A t-shirt or hooded sweatshirt with an appropriate print may be appropriate, but it’s a bit too simplistic and maybe a bit unimaginative. So we scoured the internet and put together 11 creative gift ideas for non GamStop casinos’ players.

  1. Funny Presents

Are you looking for a small gift or a nice gift to give? There are a lot of cups, mugs, t-shirts and piggy banks with funny texts or inscriptions about gaming. These are gifts that are always appreciated. Fill such a mug or cup with candy or (licorice) money to make it even more fun. You can put some coins in a piggy bank.

  1. Giving Money in a Fun Way

Someone who likes to play for money may want to give you real money. But just putting some money in an envelope is also so boring. You can also give money in a fun way. You can fold origami figures from notes of money or stick coins in a shape on a card, for example. Coins are useful for people who like to play on slot machines. For example, for someone who can use real money for slots online, you give a voucher or digital gift card so that they can spend the credit at their favorite games.

  1. Jelly Bean Roulette

Sweets really do fit all occasions. If the sweet snack is then also connected to a game, almost nothing can go wrong.

The BeanBoozled game is now a classic. You spin the wheel and taking a piece of jelly bean. But beware! A jelly bean with the same color can have two flavors, for example coconut or spoiled milk.

So just the right thrill for gamers and a guarantee for great fun on Christmas Eve.

  1. Uncut Decks of Playing Cards

Blackjack playing cards are printed on large sheets of card stock before being cut to official size. Such prints are to be had as collectibles.

The recipient can use it to tailor their own deck, although we do not recommend this. A better alternative is to use the playing card sheet as a unique wall decoration. In a picture frame and maybe even with a passe-partout, you can stage such a printed sheet in a classy way.

  1. Jewelry

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little more personal, then consider jewelry. There are almost no limits to finding something suitable here.

As for jewelry for male gamers, tie clips and cufflinks are popular gifts. If it is to be particularly personal, then a ring could be the right thing.

But there are also numerous gems available for female casino fans. For example earrings or necklaces.

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If your friends don’t have the habit of wearing jewelry, custom acrylic keychains are also a good option. They can be hung on phones, bags, and anywhere else.

  1. Unusual decks of cards

A deck of cards may seem like a fairly banal gift at first. However, there are now beautiful decks from many well-known playing card manufacturers that are not only suitable for blackjack, poker and baccarat.

They’re also perfect for card tricks or just to impress as a collector’s item. We have picked out three special copies as gift ideas for card game fans.

  1. Showcase for Playing Cards

Special decks of cards, such as those mentioned above, should be properly presented and not just gather dust in a dark drawer. A showcase is therefore an ideal gift. A nice example is the elegant bamboo carat with an acrylic cover for 12 decks of cards.

  1. Glass Set

A delicious drink rounds off an exciting round of poker, but also a cozy dinner. Why not serve it in glasses that also appeal to the heart of the gamer?

However, glasses with playing card engravings or prints are usually only suitable for gaming occasions.

The handcrafted glasses with an elegant cut can be rotated on the table surface without losing their grip thanks to a minimal elevation on the glass base. Available in a set and also with engraving on request.

  1. Detective Games

In order to successfully play poker, roulette or blackjack, players do not only hope for luck. It’s also about skillful betting, precise observation of the other players or the assessment of the hands of the other gamblers, in short, strategic thinking is required.

Therefore, detective and mystery games or escape room games are a perfect gift for gamers. They offer something completely different from table and card games, but tickle the same sense of strategy and puzzles. You can also experience this gift together with the recipient.

  1. Your Own Playing Table

Having your own gaming table makes the hearts of many players beat faster. As such, this is a gift to consider.

Granted, you can of course purchase dedicated tables for poker, blackjack, roulette and even craps, often spending thousands of dollars.

However, there are affordable models, collapsible tables and table pads. With table toppers and combination tables, you even have the option not just for a single game, but an entire casino.

  1. Books About Gaming & Odds of Winning

People who gamble, of course, play to win. There are many theories that try to explain why people are so eager to win. Someone who likes to gamble and win will also find this interesting to know.

Books have been written about winning and losing, what your chances are and how you can increase your chances of winning. There are also all kinds of books that teach you to change your own mindset, that teach you to control your body language or facial expressions. The latter is of course important for people who play poker or any other card game that involves bluffing. And finally, there are also books that teach you how to cheat. These are also gifts that will appeal to gambling enthusiasts.