The Crew 2 Update Version 1.5.0 Patch Notes – Blazing Shots


Ubisoft released the The Crew 2 Blazing Shots Update today. The Crew 2 Update 1.5.0 can now be downloaded. You have to download about 14 GB. With this update, there are some new content, such as new tires and vehicles. In addition, many bugs have been fixed in the game.

This patch will be deployed via a maintenance at 10:00am Paris time on November 13th, and will be automatically downloaded when live. Please follow our official channels for the latest information.

Note: We have set the version number at 1.5, instead of 1.4, in order to align with our internal development process.

The Crew 2 Patch Notes 1.5.0



  • [Add] New vanity type: Underglows
  • [Add] 78 new vanity items – to be released on a weekly basis through the shop or as LIVE Summit rewards.
  • 27 new Tires
  • 26 new Smokes
  • 25 Underglows


  • [Add] 17 New Live Summits and their associated set of activities & rewards.
  • Including regular Themed weeks (e.g. Ghost Road special event)
  • Discover the upcoming Live Summits on
  • [Fixed] Persistent display of player information (level, followers and bucks) after aborting a Live Summit activity.
  • [Fixed] Audio track from Live Summit introduction video keeps on playing in background while pause menu is opened.

Live Contracts

  • [Fixed] Localization issues in Spanish and French.

Livery Editor

  • [Improved] Livery Editor limit now set to 100 per user.


New Vehicles

  • [Add] 12 Vehicles, including special editions

Elite Bundle 3

  • Citroën GT (Hypercar) – 2008
  • Ferrari 599XX EVO (Touring Car) – 2011
  • Porsche Carrera GT (Hypercar) – 2003

Shop additions

November 13th

  • Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse (Hypercar) – 2016

December 4th

  • Mazda RX-8 (Street Race) – 2010

Live Summit Rewards

November 27th – Ghost Road Summit:

  • Ford F-150 RAPTOR RACE TRUCK Ghost Recon Edition (Rally Raid) – 2017

& more to be revealed, stay tuned!


  • [Fixed] Missing AWD on Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo.
  • [Fixed] Dodge SRT Viper GTS Drag Race Edition can move forward while doing a burn with specific Pro Settings.
  • [Fixed] Drag Race vehicles glitch allowing players to surpass vehicle top speed.
  • [Fixed] Drag Race vehicles infinite nitro glitch after opening the world map.
  • [Fixed] Vehicle moving before engine is started.
  • [Fixed] Inconsistent breakable objects behavior.
  • [Fixed] Monster Truck vehicles going through arena stairs.
  • [Fixed] Missing differential Pro Setting on Mitsubishi Lancer Black Knight (Street Race).
  • [Fixed] Missing differential Pro Setting on Lamborghini Huracan Performante (Hypercar).
  • [Fixed] Missing differential Pro Setting on Jaguar F-Type Beta Handling (Street Race).



  • [Improved] Handling on Aerobatic full line-up (mostly rudder).

Air Race

  • [Improved] Balancing on Air Race full line-up:
  • Behavior uniformization, while keeping differences of each vehicles
  • Improved “Drift” (rudder).

Monster Truck

  • [Improved] Handling of the Monster Trucks full Line-up:
  • New tire & suspension system
  • Increased stability & trajectory anticipation
  • Improved precision and accelerating/braking behavior.

Street Race / Hypercar

  • Beta Handling follow-up: deployment of an updated handling model on 10 existing vehicles.

Please note: A dedicated survey will be shared in the upcoming weeks to collect your feedback on this topic.

  • [Updated] Handling of the Audi RS5 (Street Race)
  • [Updated] Handling of the BMW M4 (Street Race)
  • [Updated] Handling of the KTM X-BOW (Street Race)
  • [Updated] Handling of the Mercedes-Benz SLS (Street Race)
  • [Updated] Handling of the Volkswagen Golf GTi (Street Race)
  • [Updated] Handling of the Ferrari 458 Speciale (Hypercar)
  • [Updated] Handling of the Lamborghini Huracán Performante (Hypercar)
  • [Updated] Handling of the Lamborghini Veneno (Hypercar)
  • [Updated] Handling of the McLaren 12C (Hypercar)
  • [Updated] Handling of the Pagani Zonda F (Hypercar)
  • [Improved] Handling of the Bugatti h3o Magma Edition (Hypercar)
  • [Improved] Handling of the Ferrari F12 TdF (Hypercar)


  • [Improved] Overall smoothing of vehicle bouncing behavior during collisions.


  • [Improved] Sound engine for BMW X6 M (Street Race)
  • [Improved] Sound engine for Dodge Viper (Street Race/Drift/Touring).
  • [Improved] Sound effect for Rev Limiter on all Rally Cross vehicles.
  • [Fixed] Persistent audio SFX while equipping a full performance parts set.



  • [Add] 17 new events – to be released along our new Live Summits.

Please note that these one will remain available in regular progression (PVE) after their release.

  • [Fixed] Inconsistent AI behaviors:
  • [Rally Raid] “Portfoliage” AI performing back-on-track in loop.
  • [Hypercar] “Going to Vegas” AI remains struck at starting grid.
  • [Fixed] Collision issues:
  • [Rally Raid] “Red Rock” Incorrect collision behavior on ramp.


  • [Fixed] Floating rocks found on the mountaintop near Yosemite.
  • [Fixed] Floating house in San Francisco area.



  • [Fixed] PC – Gamma slider changes are not taken into account while on windowed or borderless full screen modes.


  • [Fixed] PC – Unable to re-bind Accelerate or Brake actions to controllers button A or B.
  • [Fixed] Key-binding conflict between quick messaging and horns.