Ultimate Guide to Levelling Up Quickly in Division 2

There is a lot to do at the end of Division 2, but you have to level up first. Here’s how to quickly level up in Division 2. In Division 2, getting better at the game is very important. Everything is linked to your level, including the guns and gear you can use or buy, as well as your skills, talents, advantages, and a lot more. Find out how to quickly level up in Division 2 by reading on.

The Division 2: How to level up Fast Complete Levelling Guide

In this video, I’ll go over all the tips and tricks that I know will help you level up a lot faster and get to max level as fast as possible. If you enjoy taking your time, then by all means click away. This video is meant for players who want to get to the endgame as fast as

How to Level-Up fast in The Division 2 Game

Purchasing Perks

When you begin the game, make sure to purchase the Accolades perks, which each cost one SHD tech point.

Every level of this perk will give you a way to earn extra XP in combat and help you level up faster.

The Division 2 - How to level up Fast Complete Guide
The Division 2 – How to level up Fast Complete Guide

Completing missions

Completing missions will earn you the most XP. In addition, it is recommended to try a mission as soon as you reach the recommended level for a mission to get maximum benefit. In addition to completing side missions, campaign missions will not be enough.

Teaming Up in Missions

The Division 2 spawns’ enemies according to the number of players you have on your team. Division 2 generates enemies according to the number of players you have on your team.

Avoid dark areas

Dark areas are PvPvE areas in the game that are a new fun feature of the game that does not help level up. In addition, these zones have their own progression system that is different from the game and you don’t gain much XP. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid these areas if your goal is to level up faster in The Division 2.


The projects in Division 2 can be accessed from any settlement. These require that you collect different things and also complete certain activities that can then be exchanged for XP. Then, after playing for a while, you will have enough things to trade for a decent amount of XP.

Here are some additional tips that may be helpful level up fast:

  • Join a clan. Clans can provide a lot of support and resources, and they can also help you find groups to play with.
  • Use the in-game chat. The in-game chat is a great way to connect with other players and find groups to play with.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you’re stuck on a mission or challenge, don’t be afraid to ask for help from other players.

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