The Division 2 review

The Division 2 Game Review

Tom Clancy’s game  The Division 2 is an online action playing video game developed by (Massive Entertainment) and published by (Ubisoft). The sequel to Tom Clancy’s The Division (2016), it is set in a near future Washington D.C. After a smallpox pandemic, and follow the agents of the Strategic Homeland Division while trying to rebuild the city.

The game was released for Microsoft Windows and  PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 15 march, 2019. It received generally favorable reviews from critics, with most noting it as an improvements over the first installments

●Developer(s):Massive Entertainment


●Director(s):Julian Gerighty,Mathias Karlson

●Producer(s):Cristian Pana

●Composer(s):Ola Strandh

●Series:Tom Clancy’s


●Platform(s):MicrosoftWindows,PlayStation,XboxOne,Google Stadia

●Release:March 15, 2019

●Genre(s):Action role-playing

Third person shooter

●Mode :Multiplayer

THE DIVISION 2 – Division 2 Gameplay Trailers


The Played from a third person perspective, the game is a coverbased third person shooter with up to four players being able to complete missions together. The game takes place in (Washington D.C) USA. seven months after its predecessor, in which a civil war between survivors and villainous band of marauders breaks out.In the beginning of the game(Division 2), the players create their own Division agent by customizing the characters,gender and appearance.

In the game, the players are equipped with different firearms, including assault rifles, sniper, rifles and SMG, explosives like grenades to defeat enemies. These weapons are classified into the different tiers and rarity.

The High-quality guns are difficult to obtain, but they have better weapons stats and “talents” that further helps boost players’ performance. The weapons stats include the following 7 domains: Damage, Rounds Per Minute and Magazine Size, Accuracy, Stability, Reload Time, and Damage Drop Off.

These weapons can be further be customized with different attachment like iron sights and barrels. The game also features a variety of teh gear and armor. Wearing gear from the same brands gives players a small performance boosts .

As a players complete the  missions, they gain loot and experience points [XP]. With sufficient [XP], they level up and gain SHD Tech, a currency to unlock the new skills.These skills include the deploying guns turrets, shields and combat drones, or gaining access to weapons like seeker mines and chem launcher. Each skill has a unique mods that change it’s functionality.

The game division 2 also introduces a new enemy type and also including healers and characters that shoot foam at player.The Players can request back up during a missions, which allows to other players to join their sessions.The Players can also join clan, which can accommodate almost 50 players.

The actions of the individual members of a clan contribute to clan (XP), which can be used to upgrade the clans for additional game play benefits.The division 2 provides many new features to users. In Division 2 the Washington D.C is an open world for players to explore the map.

The game  Division 2 have  features three Dark Zones, the each of which supports up to the 12 players. The Dark Zones are areas in which players defeats tough enemies for valuable and rare loot, though these loots can be taken by other player.


The game Division 2 has a lot to say, but it’s very hard to hear over all the gunfire.

Here at Polygon we have  really enjoyed (Tom Clancy’s) The Division 2, racking up hundreds of hour in the game as a staffs. It’s an incredible technical achievements, one that vastly improves on the rocky launch of the 2016 original. A Moving and fighting in the world feels extraordinary, and the environment more than live up to (Ubisoft’s) other legendary open world titles. But the narrative in  game is a mess.

After the diving deeply into the lore of the original, the (Cass Marshall) and (Charlie Hall) hit the ground running in (Washington, D.C.) with the goals to scoop up every bit of informations they could find. Now that they have   completed the main campaign, they are left with more questions than answers.


The Division 2 is a technical achievements as much as an artistic one.

The Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is a game about the shooting people’s and running around picking thing up. Is the story too political? Is it apolitical? Different people are likely to see different things and everything about the game story is going to be contrived when the essential action is becoming an American agents operating on American soil shooting American citizens.

But it’s so easy to over-look the game forgettable story when the moment to moment action is so good.

The simplest random encounter in The (Division 2) single player and multiplayer, can turn into an all out fight to survive. I try to play it like a cover shooters, but the AI brilliantly, and relentlessly, forces me out of that cover using hand grenades, suicidal rushers waving metal baton, or enemies circling me with an antagonizing skip .

System Requirements for division 2:

●Intel Core i5-2200K , AMD FX-6350 CPU.



●At least AMD Radeon, R9 270 or NVIDIA Geforce GTX 670.

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